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How Do You Connect To Travellers In An Always-On World? Think Year-Round

Winter is coming, but did you know that many travellers start booking winter deals in summer, or even sooner? For Alberta’s tourism operators, traditional booking windows and time frames no longer matter.

“Traveller booking behavior continues to evolve. They are booking trips at every time of year,” says Phil Klassen, Travel Alberta’s Vice-President of Global Consumer Marketing. “We need to ensure that travellers visiting our websites or social media channels at any season find the content they need to get inspired and book a vacation.”

Traditionally, there were clear booking windows and time frames for each tourism season. Today, travellers use multiple websites, mobile applications and social media services to make their travel purchase decisions, and do so throughout the year.

The result? Winter-related traffic on Travel Alberta sites starts picking up in early August, or even sooner. To increase bookings, tourism operators need to promote their experiences in every season. And Travel Alberta can help.

Post your content year-round in ATIS

Travel Alberta already takes a year-round marketing approach. We’ve shifted from being a “marketer” to an “always-on content publisher” by sharing compelling content that stimulates conversations and engagements with Albertans and travellers throughout the year. This allows us to precisely target travellers whenever they are looking to book.

However, we need your content to help make it happen.

The offers, events, images, articles and other content that you provide are shared throughout Travel Alberta’s channels, as well as third-party publishers, and can generate leads at any time. In particular, two kinds of content are important to reaching travellers and driving bookings:

  • Offers:  These are an important part of closing the sale. Offers present us with the ability to target those with niche interests and helps them to make purchase decisions. Develop and share offers that can be booked in every season and at any time to help drive revenue.
  • Events: These provide incentives to the consumer to travel during a specified time period. When it comes to making a purchase decision, events can help consumers choose one location over another – whether they are booking six months or one week in advance. Read these tips on how to create a good event listing.

Your offers and events, along with all other content, can be posted through ATIS at any time. Industry partners can add content for free year-round, and the real-time reports allow you to see what offers are performing best, traveller demographics, and more. By posting content year-round in ATIS, you can connect with travellers when and where they’re booking, helping to grow your business.

Need help? Support is available

Need help creating this content? Individual tourism businesses with annual marketing budgets of less than $10,000 may qualify for cooperative marketing funds to develop compelling assets, such as photos, videos or websites that support marketing initiatives. Partnered application requests for content can have a budget of more than $10,000.

More information is available in the Cooperative Marketing Program Guidelines, or you can contact the cooperative marketing manager in your region.

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