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Alberta seduces the French

Second only to Quebec as a travel destination, French travellers are ready to explore the exceptional, Canadian west with its unspoiled wildernesses and its history and Cowboy legends. This was the conclusion exposed at the 34th annual Travel and Tourism convention in Paris, September 18 to 21 at the Porte de Versailles.

For the third year running, representatives from the Conseil de développement économique de l'Alberta (CDEA) joined more than 28,700 travel and tourism professionals from across the globe. The CDEA kiosk was located in the Canada pavilion in partnership with WestJet. A total of eight sessions, highlighting five Canadian provinces, were offered to travel agents from travel supermarket Carrefour, with 300 of those agents coming from across France. Additionally, the CDEA engaged in one-on-one discussions with 41 travel agents from nine agencies located in Nantes, Paris and Lyon. Consultations on travel to Alberta were provided by CDEA and Canadian Far West, a tour operator specialising in authentic experiences to First Nations, rural, prairie and ranch destinations.

In addition to presentation sessions and training, the CDEA handed out more than 500 tourism guides and more than 750 information cards promoting CanadaOuest, a highly informative travel and tourism smart phone app, available for iPhone and Android systems, whether phone or tablet. These tools drew the attention of many tour operators, travel agents, the media and other public relations professionals. In short, Alberta, as a travel destination has become a seductive option for the French.

Every year, tens of thousands of French, Belgian and Swiss citizens and travellers from Luxembourg and French-speaking countries across the world visit Alberta. The IFTM Top Résa provided an excellent opportunity to present the multitude of travel options in Alberta holds for travellers, highlighted the province's linguistic duality and promoted the ease with which French travellers will find services offered in French throughout the province. The CDEA has, for 15 years been at the forefront of promoting travel and tourism through its travel guides and prepared itineraries.

The 34th annual Top Résa saw its audience grow by more than 3.7% over the 2011 event, providing potential French visitors to Alberta access to excellent information about tourism opportunities and attractions throughout the province, and provided a solid means of encouraging French travellers to put Alberta on their travel itineraries. Many contacts and connections were made in support of encouraging greater travel to Alberta and Travel Alberta was identified as one of the most enjoyed presenters of this expedition to France.
Conseil de développement économique de l'Alberta