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34 Year Water Park Run Ends in 2016

It all started as a dream in 1982 when Dave Dubeta received approval from Transport Canada and the Coast Guard for a water intake structure and to place fill in Sylvan Lake.

Over the years Wild Rapids Water Park evolved into a major Central Alberta family attraction hosting visitors from many communities in Western Canada.

Every year upgrades to the Water Park are completed in order to comply with building code and health and safety regulations. These have been completed every year keeping in mind that the Water Park is a family venue and must be affordable.

Today, we are faced with having to complete major renovations and improvements in order to meet the new building code, health and safety requirements. These include replacing some of the slides as well as the mechanical infrastructure which means that we would need to close for a season in order to complete the work.

As a result, we completed a budget in order to determine the feasibility of completing the improvements and still maintain a reasonable family fee structure that would be affordable. The end result of our analysis confirmed that it was not economically feasible for us to complete the improvements and meet our objective. Consequently, 2016 will the last year that the Wild Rapids Water Park will be operating.

Wild Rapids has been operated by Bear Development Corp. and we would like to thank everyone who supported this unique outdoor facility during the last 15 years. It has been a privilege for us to watch so many young people year after year visit and enjoy the Water Park. Most important, we thank all the young people who joined us year after year working as lifeguards, attendants and cashiers making a day at Wild Rapids a memorable experience for all our visitors.

Thank you all for the memories.


Wild Rapids Water Park

Wild Rapids Water Park