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CTC releases its 2015-2019 Corporate Plan summary

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just published its 2015-2019 Corporate Plan summary: Marketing Canada in an Ever-Changing World. The annual rolling strategic plan has one principal goal at its heart: to grow tourism export revenue for Canada in markets offering the highest return and where the Canada brand leads.

CTC, with federal, provincial, territorial and industry support, is preparing the ground to be back in the US leisure market. A new project will transform the way the Canadian tourism industry collaborates, engages and interacts with customers online in order to gain a competitive advantage for Canada. “Follow the Global Customer” will use new technologies and innovative approaches to reach out to US travellers who are most likely to come to Canada.

The global outlook for tourism is positive. However, the competition from other destinations is fierce, making it ever more important that Canada stands out in a crowded tourism marketplace. CTC is already looking to capitalize on two major demographic shifts: the rise in travellers from emerging economies and the swelling numbers of youth travellers.

To stay ahead of the competition, CTC is working on new collaborative initiatives to help compel travellers to choose Canada and to help Canadian tourism businesses bring new products to market.

The 2015-2019 Corporate Plan summary lists the CTC’s three main objectives:

  • Generate demand for Canada’s visitor economy
  • Support Canadian tourism businesses to sell Canada
  • Advance corporate excellence and efficiency.

CTC will back these objectives by leading partnerships that will make Canada a “visit now” destination, maximizing partner investments, improving the Canadian tourism industry’s offer to the world, and demonstrating value for money.

CTC will also carry out a series of activities in 2015 to support these objectives, blending its core business with new initiatives. Examples include Business Events Canada testing a new sales approach in the life sciences sector and a shift in marketing strategy towards content marketing to help Canada tell an exciting story across different media platforms. CTC’s work will be reinforced by its ongoing collaborative platforms such as tradeshows and marketplaces, market research, tool kits for businesses and the Canadian Signature Experiences program.

Read the 2015-2019 Corporate Plan summary: Marketing Canada in an Ever-Changing World in full.


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