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Travel Alberta working with tourism partners on flood recovery

Recent flooding across southern Alberta has had an impact on Alberta's tourism industry. Travel Alberta is working with our tourism partners to get our province up and running for a busy summer travel season as crews continue to work to recover areas impacted by the flood.

We are active on all of our social media channels engaging with travellers and pointing visitors in the right direction for information related to roadways, visitor centres, and destinations affected. We will continue to work with our tourism partners, the Government of Alberta and Alberta's emergency service agencies to manage any misconceptions that the flooding in southern Alberta has dramatically affected the visitor experience in Alberta.

Tourism in Alberta is a $7.8 billion industry employing approximately 139,000 Albertans. 19,000 businesses are connected to tourism and it is a critical economic driver for the province.

Travel Alberta's Calgary office was affected by the flood, and although operations and communications were stalled, we are back up and running and connecting with industry to assess the flood's impact. We are interested in knowing if your business is closed, if hours have changed, or if access to your business has been altered. Please connect with your area's

Industry Relations Manager or send us an email at with your information.

Communities are pulling together and supporting each other - which is a testament to the kindness, hospitality and resiliency of Albertans. Travel Alberta is committed to standing together as Team Alberta.
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