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Author of Overbooked, Elizabeth Becker, will be Speaking at the 2015 Tourism Congress

Award-winning author and journalist, Elizabeth Becker, will be the keynote speaker for Congress' Industry Wake-up Call on December 2nd!

"Around the globe, cities and destinations are reaching tipping points of too many tourists while governments are inventing ways to make more money from tourism, a 21st century's cash cow. There are as many questions as answers. What can Canada learn from the wise model of France or the destructive model of Venice?  Why did Barcelona call for a moratorium on Airbnb and Vancouver shut out Uber? And with the Paris conference on climate change just days after this conference, what is the responsibility of the tourism industry in the broader context, beyond the bottom line of profits and growth?"
- Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth Becker is the award-winning author of Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, described by Arthur Frommer as "required reading for anyone interested in the future of travel."

Becker is also a renowned journalist, having covered international economics, foreign affairs and national security as a New York Times correspondent. She is also Senior Foreign Editor at National Public Radio and a Washington Post correspondent.

Both TIAC and Destination Canada are thrilled to have Elizabeth Becker as a speaker at the 2015 Tourism Congress.

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