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Rich history of Alberta shared with help from heritage grants

Alberta Culture, through the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, is providing 58 grants from fiscal 2013-14, totaling $1.03 million to support community heritage preservation and conservation projects across Alberta. This is a standard bi-annual announcement.

Grants have been awarded to individuals as well as municipalities, nonprofit organizations and businesses to support a range of heritage preservation projects from conservation of designated historic buildings to research projects, publications and heritage inventories.

“The returns on investing in heritage preservation are knowledge and awareness of our past, pride in our communities today and economic growth for a strong future,” says Heather Klimchuk, Minister of Culture . “Culture matters to Albertans and an Alberta built for the future is one that honours its past.”

Grant categories include:

  • Municipal Heritage Partnership Programs
  • Alberta Main Street Program
  • Heritage Preservation Partnership Program - categories include:
    • Transportation/Industrial Artifact Conservation Grants
    • Historic Resource Conservation Grants (both Provincial And Municipal)
    • Heritage Awareness Grants
    • Publication Grants
    • Research Grants
    • Roger Soderstom Scholarships

Click here for a list and details on the grant award recipients.

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