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Partners announced for inaugural Beakerhead event

Original to Alberta and a first in the world - Beakerhead, a citywide collaboration of creativity and engineering, will consist of more than 60 arts, science, engineering and education organizations as program partners.

Beakerhead will erupt in the streets and venues of Calgary for the first time this September 11-15, 2013.

The five-day long event is designed to attract residents and tourists from around the world and includes free outdoor exhibits, street performances and ticketed events, and includes a citywide open-air museum called Beakernight and a speaker and workshop series called Speakerhead.

“Beakerhead is a unique collaboration connecting art and technology in ways we have only begun to explore. This event unifies us in a way that respects the diverse talents and interests of many Albertans from so many different disciplines,” says Heather Klimchuk, Minister of Alberta Culture. “I applaud Calgary’s arts and culture organizations for taking a leadership role, as an event of this scale and scope will shine the light on a unique and contemporary element of Alberta’s evolving cultural landscape.”

“We are proud to partner with Beakerhead – a celebration of innovation and creativity that will be a unique and memorable experience for Albertans and for the many visitors from across the globe,” said Dr. Richard Starke, Minister of Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation. “Once guests have been wowed by the sights and sounds of Beakerhead, we hope they will be inspired to discover and explore the rest of our incredible province.”

Over 60 organizations are program partners in what may be one of Calgary’s largest collaborative efforts, from TELUS Spark, Glenbow Museum, University of Calgary and Mount Royal University, to local maker organizations like Scoperta. The Calgary Board of Education is offering a summer intensive for students to design and build projects leading up to September.

“Shell is proud to inspire innovation in today’s students through the Shell International Engineering competition,” said Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada President and Country Chair, on this flagship Beakerhead event. “By investing in the creativity and ingenuity of today’s students, we can help them find the solutions to tomorrow’s most pressing energy concerns.”

Alongside the Shell International Engineering Competition at Stampede Park, visitors will also find there a funfair fuelled by vegetable oil, called Sustainival. Even the opening ceremony on September 12 involves a crane and a 900 kg mechanical spider, called MondoSpider.

“Beakerhead is an invitation to everyone to imagine and build, “ says co-founder Jay Ingram, science broadcaster and writer who co-hosted the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet. “Engineer your bike, design an art car, build a robot with your family, race a kinetic contraption ... anything goes. Think of it as turning the whole city into the most entertaining laboratory for five days.”

Confirmed events can be found on . Additional confirmed events will be added this summer.

About Beakerhead - Beakerhead is an annual, citywide, interactive movement that explodes with creativity. It brings together the arts and engineering sectors from across the city, province, country and world to build, compete and exhibit interactive works of art, spectacle and entertainment during an annual week-long international happening each fall. From outdoor artworks and late-night laboratories, to community contests and celebrations, interactive digital events to event premieres, Beakerhead creates a crucible of human ingenuity, mixing energetic community involvement with international talent. The first Beakerhead will take place in Calgary, Alberta on September 11-15, 2013.

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