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Give your input into a proposed new University tourism program

A Canadian university is developing a new program in tourism for a proposed Master’s degree and is seeking feedback and input from those who work in the tourism field across Canada on its aim, scope, content, and outcomes.

This proposed Master’s degree will further develop higher level management knowledge and skills beyond a Bachelors level. It features the understanding and managing of tourism experiences and how to create, deliver and manage those experiences.

Many graduates of this proposed program would go on to work in the tourism and hospitality fields in Alberta thus there is great benefit to ensure a new Master’s program serves the needs of Alberta's tourism industry.

Please complete the short online questionnaire that will take you no longer than 8-10 minutes to complete.

Your opinions will help shape the development of this new program, and will have an impact on the next generation of tourism, recreation, and leisure professionals. 

(Once you’ve completed the survey, you will have an opportunity to enter your name into a draw for the chance to win a $500 cash prize.)

Please forward this survey invitation to your colleagues or to other professionals you know working in the tourism field.

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