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Cooperative Marketing Investment Program

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You know your business, event or destination better than anyone, which is why Travel Alberta works in partnership with you to support your marketing efforts.

Our cooperative marketing managers work with eligible partners by investing in marketing programs designed by your business to extend the reach of available offers in partnership development, event and festival marketing, content development and experience development.

Encouraging potential visitors to come to Alberta all through the year to all areas of the province is a key part of this investment strategy, and an important consideration for those involved with this initiative.

Important Update for Partners

The intake of new applications for Travel Alberta’s Cooperative Marketing program is paused.  The Blue Ribbon Panel on Alberta's Finances is currently reviewing provincial finances to help inform the fall provincial budget. We will share information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

Coop Marketing Investment Program introduction

Which option is right for you?

Partnership marketing investment supports Alberta-based tourism organization registered in the province who partner with at least two other Alberta-based tourism organizations.

Event and festival marketing investment is for Alberta-based tourism organizations, non-profit associations, community groups or private operators marketing an event that runs for two or more consecutive days and charge admission.

Content development marketing investment supports Alberta-based tourism organizations registered in the province to apply for funding to develop compelling assets that support marketing initiatives.

Experience development marketing investment supports Alberta-based tourism industry operators registered in the province who are developing or enhancing an Alberta-based experience (such as a culinary tour or guided hike) that will be offered in the province for at least the next three years.

Which coop marketing program is right for you?

Contact your local manager

Eligible applicants may apply for any available investment category. The first step is contacting your local cooperative marketing manager for an initial consultation before starting the application process. They can hep you determine which of the following options apply to your business or event.

Find the cooperative marketing manager for your region in the list below.

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Coop Marketing Investment

Contact your local experience development manager for support and information on how to develop your tourism-focused business.

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