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Let’s do this. Canadian Rockies, golden prairies, vibrant cities and ancient badlands. Prepare for adventure in Alberta, Canada.

Digitally connected destination marketers are often business owners and operators with expertise in their field that also run a business. We understand the time and effort that goes in to marketing campaigns, which is why the savvy digital marketers at Travel Alberta created a toolkit for tourism businesses.

Big Hearted Maverick Personality

Albertans are original. We’re warm and adventurous. We balance dogged determination with a commitment to community. We take our inspiration and harness it in creative ways. And we’re compelled to go the extra mile to make our visitors love it here as much as we do. We’re people who share a smiling moment on the trail, let new friends in on our favourite hidden gems and who aren’t afraid to boldly pursue life’s adventures just outside our back door. The energy and spirit of our Big-Hearted Maverick personality is a big reason why Alberta is worth experiencing.

Free-Spirit Millennial Audience

We’ve done our research and found a growing subset within the Free-Spirit audience: millennials. This younger demographic has interests, habits and a mindset completely their own and travel is core to who they are. When you combine Alberta’s unique personality with our outstanding landscapes and experiences, our province provides the right combination to inspire them to visit. 

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Use the toolkit as a guide for brand storytelling, content development, planning and campaigns. Then access all available Travel Alberta channels in addition to your own to share your story in the digital landscape to meet potential travellers on their phones and on the ego, at any time across the globe.

Download the Industry Brand Toolkit