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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here’s a review of the most frequently asked questions that we respond to via ATIS.

If you cannot find your question and/or answer here, please email us at for assistance.

  • How much does it cost to participate in ATIS?

    ATIS is a marketing tool provided at no cost to Alberta Tourism Operators. Aimed at increasing a tourism business's online exposure, ATIS is a powerful marketing tool that stores and manages Alberta Tourism content into one single platform. 
  • How do I set up an ATIS Account?

    To set up and ATIS account, visit and simply click on Sign Up Now for FREE at the bottom of the page. From here, enter your First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Title, Email and Phone Number. Once you press CREATE ACCOUNT, you will be sent a link by email to verify your account. From here you will be directed to a page to create a unique password for your account.

  • Where do I log in to ATIS?

    You can access ATIS by visiting and simply entering your username and password.

  • I have forgotten my username and/or password. What do I do?

    You can have your username and/or password emailed to you by using the Forgot Your Password? feature at This feature sends your username and/or new password to the email address on your ATIS account. If you do not receive a response when using this feature, please email us at to confirm or change the email address on your account.

  • Can I change my ATIS account information after my account is set up?

    Once your account is created, you can login at any time to update your account information. Simply login to your account and choose ADMIN -– MY ACCOUNT. From here you can Close My Account, Edit My Details and Change Password. If you close your account without giving someone else access to your listings, the listings will also be deleted. In Edit My Details you will be able to update your first and last name and phone number. The only field you cannot update is your email. If your email has changed, or someone in your organization has left, you will need to create a new account and email to have the listings associated with your previous account transferred over to your new account.

  • How many postings can I enter into ATIS?

    Each ATIS account can have multiple listings attached to that account, and each listing might have multiple accounts attached to it. If you have access to a listing, you may edit, delete or view reports for that listing.

  • Where will my listings be displayed?

    Tourism operators can expect their business information to be displayed across a number of Travel Alberta owned channels including,, campaign websites, email marketing campaigns, social media, Visitor Information Centres and Contact Centres. In addition to appearing on Travel Alberta owned channels, your ATIS listing has the potential to appear on other third-party sites through our distribution agreements and therefore all content entered into ATIS must be cleared for third-party distribution.

  • Can I have my staff or someone else manage my ATIS account and post on my behalf?

    If you want multiple people within your organization to manage listings on your behalf, we recommend you set up an ATIS account with a general email that is set up to distribute any incoming email to a list of personal emails within your organization. This makes it easier to maintain your account if someone in your organization moves on. Account passwords can change at any time, however account emails cannot. See the FAQ section above about how to set up your account.

    If you would like to allow a third-party organization to manage listings on your behalf, such as a DMO or other tourism partner, we encourage them to create their own ATIS account and you can provide them with access to your listings. For instructions on how to give another ATIS account access to your listings, see How Can I Give Another Account Access To My Listings? in the FAQ section. Anyone with access to your listings can edit, delete or view reporting for the listings that they have access to. You will receive notification through email if a listing that you have access to is deleted in ATIS. We encourage tourism organizations to facilitate adding their own offers, however, as we want tourism operators to be responsible for their own content. If you choose to allow a third-party the ability to add offers under your business name, that is your choice; you will receive email notifications for any new offer added that is attached to a business listing that you have access to. For more information on offers, visit What Is A Travel Offer? in the FAQs. 

  • How long will it take for my information and postings to appear on these channels?

    It will take up to 48 hours from the time you submit your information to appear on distribution channels.

  • What kind of content can I load into ATIS?

    You can load four types of tourism content into ATIS: business listings, articles, offers and events.
  • What is a business listing?

    An ATIS listing is defined as information about an Alberta tourism product that is relevant to the leisure traveller. A listing consists of general information about a business including:

    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Website URL
    • Social media links
    • Trip Advisor listing
    • Product images
    • Short description of what the business offers. 

    ATIS listings fall under the following categories:

    • Accommodation
    • Attraction
    • Food and Entertainment
    • Natural Attraction
    • Rental
    • Transportation
    • Visitor Services
  • What is an article?

    Articles or stories written about your travel product or area are a great way to increase your business's online exposure and help build consumer loyalty through storytelling. All articles submitted to ATIS must have either been written by you or your organization. If the article was not written by your organization, you must own the distribution rights in order to upload into ATIS.

  • What is an event?

    An event must fall into one of the following categories: 

    • Agricultural Fairs – Includes agricultural fairs and exhibits that happen once a year over a maximum of 3 days.
    • Arts and Performing Arts – through a professional or semi-professional organization.
    • Cultural – An event or festival with a focus on cultural heritage or history.
    • Culinary – Any event with a main focus on food/drink that is open to the public.
    • Exhibits and Shows – Exhibitions and shows including arts/crafts and visual arts.
    • Festival – A single or multi-day event that celebrates a particular theme such as film or music.
    • Rodeo
    • Music & Concerts – any type of musical presentation performed by professional or semi-professional organizations.
    • Sport Events – Individual or team sporting events involving professional or semi-professional athletes, or competitions by amateur athletes at the regional, provincial, national or international level.

    Something that occurs daily or weekly over multiple years is not an event. This would be an experience or attraction. For example, farmers' markets that occur on a weekly basis over a season every year are not classified as an event. This would be added as a business listing and tagged to Farms & Markets and may have Offers. An exhibit that spans more than one year is no longer an event. This would be added as a business listing and tagged to Arts & Performing Arts and/or Museums & Historic Sites and may have Offers.

  • What is a travel offer?

    A travel offer can be created for any tourism product that has a price point. The price can represent a single product, such as an admission price, or multiple tourism products packaged into one offer, such as a tour. The offer price point can be a sale price or regular retail price. All offers must be published on your website.

     An offer consists of:

    • Offer title
    • Price point
    • Short description
    • Address
    • Image
    Offers must be associated to at least one business listing that you have access to. For example, if you would like to create an offer for the admission price for an attraction, you must have access to that attraction's business listing in ATIS. If you would like to create an offer for a package with multiple products, you must have access to at least one of the listings represented in the offer.
  • How long will my listings, articles, events or offers appear on ATIS?

    Depending on the content type, content added to ATIS has varying expiry dates :


    Listings never expire within ATIS. Your listing will appear in ATIS until you or another account with access to the listing deletes it.


    Events will no longer be visible on distribution channels once the event date has passed. The event listing will remain within the ATIS system for one year past the event end date. A notification will be sent to the accounts with access to the event listing one week prior to the listing being permanently deleted from ATIS. Once an event is deleted from ATIS, you will no longer have access to edit the event listing.


    Offers can only be valid for six months from the offer start date. The offer start date represents the booking window (when the offer will be visible to the consumer) and not the travel dates (the consumer arrival date). An offer will remain in ATIS for up to one year after the offer has expired. A notification will be sent to the accounts with access to the offer listing one week prior to the listing being permanently deleted from ATIS. Once an offer is deleted from ATIS, you will no longer have access to edit the offer.


    Article listings never expire within ATIS. Your article will appear in ATIS until you or another account with access to the listing deletes it.

    Travel Alberta reserves the right to remove any content within ATIS at any point for any reason. Attempts will be made to contact the content account holders and a reason given at the time of deletion. 

  • Will I be able to create recurring events?

    When creating a consumer or industry event, you are able to add up to 20 date sets (start and end dates). Start and end dates will be published within the event details.