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Opportunities for Alberta’s Tourism Industry

The proliferation of Internet, mobile and social communications has fundamentally changed the way consumers plan and purchase travel. As Alberta’s tourism marketing agency, we continue to be responsive to the evolving needs of today’s digitally connected traveller to effectively create demand for Alberta tourism experiences and support the growth of Alberta’s tourism industry.

In early 2016, Travel Alberta will be launching new versions of the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) and, providing unprecedented opportunities for Alberta tourism businesses to connect with today’s digitally connected traveller.

With the introduction of ATIS 2.0 as a free and more effective way for Alberta’s tourism industry to participate in Travel Alberta’s global marketing programs (including, we will be retiring our partner buy-in program as of December 31, 2015.

A No-Cost Alternative to Traditional Buy-In Programs

ATIS 2.0 will present Alberta tourism businesses and marketing partners with the opportunity to participate in Travel Alberta’s digital marketing programs free of charge.

Whether tourism business are looking to increase awareness of their travel experience, drive sales during slower periods, or expand to international markets, ATIS 2.0 provides the flexibility and ease of use to create marketing programs that are best suited for their unique business needs.

With real time reports, tourism businesses can monitor lead referrals, travel offer performance, and traveller demographics, reviews, and more. For more information on ATIS 2.0, please visit

Building Competitive Strength

As Travel Alberta continues to drive awareness of the province’s authentic experiences and build competitive strength as Team Alberta, we want to ensure that tourism businesses have the capabilities and opportunities to capitalize on increased interest.

Over the last five years Travel Alberta has invested in a successful suite of programs and services to help Alberta tourism suppliers grow their businesses:

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