Travel Alberta

Brand Foundation

Alberta’s brand foundation has four core elements that let us connect with our customers and stand out as a destination. The introduction of our unique Albertan personality to the brand has helped us evolve our brand foundation to set us apart. With this new strategic shift, we can unify and mobilize team Alberta around a compelling tourism brand that strengthens our competitive position in the world.

What Our Customers See

Our brand model captures our core brand attributes (shown above). In the dark grey space are elements we pay attention to when crafting communications. They inform the strategy Travel Alberta uses for brand and marketing communications, but aren’t what the customer sees. In the lighter grey area is the one element the customer does see; the brand message we use to build a connection with our traveller: Remember to Breathe.

Alberta’s Unique Offering

What makes Alberta different than other destinations is the unique combination of our authentic experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and of course, Albertans themselves. When all these things come together, there’s no place in the world like Alberta. 

Authentic Experiences in Breathtaking Landscapes

Our province’s diverse, majestic landscapes and highly-engaging experiences combine to set us apart from other destinations in a way that’s valuable for our customer. In Alberta, they can see more than just an amazing postcard, they can dive right in and experience the real thing with a real Albertan by their side, and make memories they’ll want to come back to, again and again.

Our Big-Hearted Maverick Personality

Albertans are original. We’re warm and adventurous. We balance dogged determination with a commitment to community. We take our inspiration and harness it in creative ways. And we’re compelled to go the extra mile to make our visitors love it here as much as we do.

Our special combination of big-hearted and maverick qualities is what make Albertans one-of-a-kind. We’re people who share a smiling moment on the trail, let new friends in on our favourite hidden gems and who aren’t afraid to boldly pursue life’s adventures just outside our back door. The energy and spirit of our Big-Hearted Maverick personality is a big reason why Alberta is worth experiencing.

Watch a video about our Big-Hearted Maverick personality.

The Free-Spirit Millennial Audience

We’ve done our research and found a growing subset within the Free-Spirit audience: millennials. This younger demographic has interests, habits and a mindset completely their own and travel is core to who they are. When you combine Alberta’s unique personality with our outstanding landscapes and experiences, our province provides the right combination to inspire them to visit. 

Watch a video about our Free-Spirit Millennial traveller.

While we focus on the Free-Spirit Millennial traveller, you may focus on a different traveller type, one that may be older, a Cultural Explorer or an Authentic Experiencer. Curious about different traveller types? See Destination Canada’s Global EQ Profiles or contact our Industry Development team to help you find the right EQ audience.

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Selling Goosebump Moments

When travellers truly connect to a people, place and time, a moment of pure emotion takes place. Not only do they feel alive, they might even get goosebumps. This feeling is what we’re selling – not just an amazing view, a spectacular meal or a heart-racing ride – but a breathtaking, emotional moment that makes their trip unforgettable.

(remember to breathe)

Travel Alberta’s wordmark is the embodiment of our brand and unites all that we say and do. It can be a reminder to take a break and return to the love of travel, or even to pace yourself as you move from one great experience to another. (remember to breathe) is an invitation for the traveller to experience our brand and form a connection to Alberta.

Under the Alberta Umbrella

Your brand is who you are – a combination of every single interaction your customers have with you. But you’re also part of the larger Alberta brand. Together, you and all the businesses that make up Team Alberta shape visitors’ perceptions of what Alberta stands for. 

The Alberta brand promise to consumers opens them up to the incredible experiences they’ll find when they come here. While you should always express the values and benefits you want your customers to connect with, also understand and reflect on Alberta’s umbrella brand – together we can align the promise we make to travellers and share an Alberta story that really resonates.

Under The Alberta Umbrella