Travel Alberta

Living The Alberta Brand

People are at the heart of the Alberta brand. Hard-working, adventurous and warm, Albertans are ready to show travellers the greatest goosebump moments this place offers. We refer to this unique Albertan personality as the Big-Hearted Maverick; a combination of two bold qualities that make us who we are. All Albertans have it somewhere in their DNA, but many are the epitome of it.

The Albertan

Alberta’s operators are on the front lines of our industry. They’re the people travellers come face-to-face with every single day. And they’re the ones who show visitors just how amazing Albertans are. Whether by sharing engaging and colourful stories, inspiring others with passion and creativity, or just taking a minute to make someone feel welcome, the people on the front line can use this opportunity to show travellers the core of who we are and what makes us different. Be sure to pass along your favourite stories to your front line team, so they have a bank to draw from to help make that special connection with the traveller.