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Taking Branding Beyond

We've talked about brands and storytelling in this toolkit, but there's always more to learn. Travel Alberta's industry website features resources and educational opportunities that can help. From content creation and branding, to marketing and developing new products and experiences, we offer regular workshops that can show you new ways to deliver goosebumps.

Taking Brand Beyond


Take advantage of the following Travel Alberta resources, programs and educational opportunities to boost your marketing efforts:


The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is a free, self-service platform where you can promote your business through a number of digital properties, including Travel Alberta's suite of websites and marketing channels, as well as a growing network of publishers, websites and apps that travellers use when planning a trip.

Cooperative Marketing Investment Program

The Cooperative Marketing Investment Program assists Alberta tourism operators by investing in industry-led marketing partnerships.

Industry Events

Travel Alberta provides numerous industry events and learning opportunities throughout the year to help grow your business. Click here to see a comprehensive list.

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For more information on any of the opportunities mentioned in this toolkit or to learn more about industry best practices, contact our Industry Development team.