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Telling Our Stories


When we create content that parallels the Alberta brand we build an ecosystem for great content that everyone in our industry can share -content we can all use to tell highly engaging stories about a trip to Alberta.

Our Content Ecosystem

There are three ways to contribute to our content ecosystem:

  1. Create content to tell your story
  2. Tell your Experience Development Manager about the content you have created
  3. Promote your business through ATIS by listing your business, offers and events.

Within our industry, the brands that tell great stories give the travellers a compelling reason to visit. They bring emotion to the unique aspects of their business in a way that really motivates consumers. They go beyond listing their competitive features to inspire travellers, and truly stand out amongst competitors.

Great stories often feature the traveller at the centre of it, adding the best photos and videos to make them feel c loser to the action. We can help you tell an incredible story with high-quality Travel Alberta images and videos.

A. Using Travel Alberta Assets

Travel Alberta has a wide range of visual assets for our industry partners to use, featuring real people having real adventures in real places. Take advantage of these incredible assets to tell your story. They'll help you align with the overall Alberta brand and help you get your own message across.

You can access Alberta brand photos showing various products and activities on our Multimedia library. To get started, visit

You'll find links to our latest Travel Alberta videos on To share our videos on your own social channels click the 'Share' button. Select the desired platform and then copy the link provided. You can also click on the 'Embed' button in this window; this lets you copy the html so that you can embed the video on your own website.

Using Travel Alberta Assets

Using Travel Alberta Assets

B. Creating Your Own Content

If you're creating your own photos and videos, take advantage of our creative guidelines to help you capture your experience offering in a way that stands out. The creative direction for the guidelines is called 'Ready' and is inspired by highly-engaging social media content with an immersive perspective. II evokes the feeling of anticipation that a traveller feels right before they do something amazing.

Use our Ready guidelines to prepare your own photographer; it will help them shoot images that draw the viewer into your experience and make them feel as if they're part of the action or event you're showing them. When we all use photos and videos that are in the Ready style (e.g. inviting, adventurous and warm) we can reinforce customers' perceptions of Alberta and boost their interest and desire to visit.

Download Ready Photography and Video Guidelines here.

Download a sample content brief to assist in working with content creators.

Creating Your Own Content

Universal Tips

Remember, visitors to Alberta come from all different backgrounds and experience levels. They depend on you and your expertise to guide them toward an amazing trip. Clear instructions for where to find you or what to bring on a rafting or hiking excursion can greatly improve the quality of their holiday. Also consider using photos and videos to show just how their experience will unfold -great relationships are often built with a customer long before they arrive.

Universal Tips

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Team Up with Travel Alberta 

If you need help finding a photographer, videographer or writer to work with, speak with your Experience Development or Cooperative Marketing Manager. 

For additional resources on working with content creators, and potential funding opportunities, click here.