Travel Alberta

Industry Development

Travel Alberta’s Industry Development team delivers a variety of learning opportunities and workshops to assist tourism businesses to develop collaborative marketing initiatives based on sound research and marketing principles. Travel Alberta continues to introduce new learning programs and invest in bringing industry experts to support market and export readiness and encourage alignment with Alberta’s tourism brand.

Complimentary Consultation Services

Travel Alberta’s Industry Development team works with tourism businesses to create innovative, leading-edge marketing programs based on research, sound marketing principles and the needs of the tourism industry. Through one-on-one and group consultation, each team member works towards enhancing your marketing efforts and improving business outcomes. Much of our work is focused on building successful tourism marketing partnerships. We help facilitate marketing planning through a proven process that builds consensus and inspires collaboration. 

Connect with your local Experience Development Manager for booking your next consultation. 

Tourism Training Academy

At the heart of every goosebump moment is a business owner who understands what it takes to create a memorable experience. As Travel Alberta continues to create awareness of the province’s breathtaking opportunities, we want to ensure that tourism businesses have the capabilities to capitalize on the increased interest and deliver remarkable experiences.  Read more...

Content Marketing Resources

What if your customers looked forward to receiving your information? Better yet, what if they liked it so much they shared it with others? What’s at the heart of this kind of success: content marketing. Travel Alberta has created a series of resources to help you with your content development decision-making. Each guide contains information, examples and tools to help you develop or manage the development of content that inspires travellers with compelling stories. Read more...

Global Ready-China

Chinese travellers are young and digitally connected.  Research shows they create lots of content - which means they can be raving fans that readily share their remarkable experiences or become disenchanted with the experience and share their dissatisfaction.  Travel Alberta wants to help you create raving fans.  Read more...

SHiFT: Transforming Products to Experiences

There’s a shift taking place in how people want to experience the places they travel. They want engagement. They want local insights. They want to really connect with people and places. SHiFT is an immersive and collaborative 3.5 day experiential travel training program developed to help you create the kinds of experiences today’s travellers are longing for. Read more...

Getting to Know Your Best Customer

Target marketing has moved beyond knowing where your customers live and their average age and income level. This three-part workshop series introduces you to Destination Canada’s Explorer Quotient segmentation tool and helps you to get to know the type of customer that your business appeals to, what kinds of experiences they’re looking for and how to create targeted marketing messages. Read more…

Building a Basic Marketing Plan

Every business needs a marketing plan; some businesses just don’t know where to start. In this workshop, your Travel Alberta Industry Manager walks you through the steps you’ll take to create a plan that will help you make important marketing decisions. Read more… 

Building Your Business Through the Travel Trade

As an industry, we need to work together to bring new dollars into the economy by inspiring international travellers to choose Alberta as their vacation destination. Read more…

Canada’s West Marketplace Scholarship Program 

Canada's West Marketplace is an innovative program that assists Alberta-based tourism businesses that offer export-ready products or services. The program provides financial support and coaching to attend Canada’s West Marketplace. Read more...

Certified Destination Management Executive Scholarship Program

Destination marketing is fast-paced and complex. Today’s Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are faced with many challenges, and are expected to execute a variety of responsibilities. Travel Alberta wants to help DMO leaders to be well positioned to excel in their roles. Travel Alberta will support DMO leaders to attain certification as a Destination Management Executive. Read more...

Destination Marketing Organization Leadership Development

Vision. Leadership. Productivity. Innovative tourism strategies. Travel Alberta is investing in destination marketing organizations through DMO Leadership Development. Each session is an opportunity to gain new insights and generate new ideas for developing your destination. Contact your Experience Development Manager for information on an upcoming session.

Partnered Educational Opportunity

Don’t forget to explore this opportunity to partner with Travel Alberta on unique learning events. Talk to your local Industry Events team for details. 

Community Relationships Across the Province

Travel Alberta engages tourism partners and develops alliances with industry groups, municipal governments, communities and community organizations. This forms the basis and the opportunity to develop a true Team Alberta approach to tourism with all facets of the industry working together to develop and grow the visitor experience across the province. Contact Industry Relations for more details.