Travel Alberta

Certified Destination Management Executive Scholarship Program

Certified Destination Management Executive Program requirements:

1. Four core courses and completed assignments

a. Strategic Issues in Destination Management  

b. Destination Leadership 

c. Destination Marketing Planning 

d. Destination Advocacy and Community Relations 

2. Two elective course 

3. One final exam 

The program must be completed within three years (36 months).

Travel Alberta CDME Scholarship 

1. The individual applying for the scholarship should hold a senior management position within the organization. 

2. A limited number of scholarships are available. Interested DMOs must submit an application in advance of their CDME application to Destinations International to ensure scholarship funds are available.   

3. Complete the CDME Program application available online 

It may take Destinations International up to one month to process the application. Please allow sufficient time prior to the first course for the application to be approved. 

4. Notify Travel Alberta when your application is approved and confirm the date of your first course.

5. Upon completion of each core and/or elective course, provide the following:

a. A copy of the core course assessment or case study 

b. Proof of payment/itemized receipts for the following:

6. Travel Alberta will reimburse the organization for 80% of the following expenses: 

a. Course registration (core and/or elective course fee)

b. Transportation

i.   Airfare

ii.  Ground transportation (bus or taxi)

iii. Hotel 

iv. Meals (excluding alcohol)

Certified Destination Management Executive Scholarship Program Application Form