Travel Alberta

Tourism Training Academy

Travel Alberta will continue to host and introduce new learning programs, and invest in providing you with access to valuable resources; these include leading edge industry experts, the Travel Alberta team and tourism stakeholders. The Tourism Training Academy supports market and export readiness, encourages alignment with Alberta’s tourism brand, and provides opportunities to discuss trends, celebrate our successes and learn from each other.

Free Workshops

Travel Alberta offers a series of interactive workshops that provide you with the tools to enrich your marketing skills and enhance your tourism marketing efforts. Workshops are scheduled throughout the province from fall through spring or you can book workshops for your community by contacting your Industry Development Manager.

For detailed course locations, schedules and updates click here.

  • Say Hello to Your Best Customer (Part 1 of 3)

    Have you ever wondered why one person is happy to relax and read a book by the pool while another wants endless exploration on a vacation? As individuals, we each value different things and that includes how we want to spend our time on vacation. This workshop explores how our social and travel values influence the kinds of experiences we seek. This in-depth look at EQ, a segmentation tool founded on values, will give you:
    • An understanding of the values and motivations of the EQ types
    • How these values drive purchase decisions
    • Which EQ type is your business’s “best customer”
  • Building Experiences For Your Best Customer (Part 2 of 3)

    Now that you know who your best customers are, what they value and what motivates their travel decisions, you can look at your business’s existing products to determine how you can make them even more appealing. The next step is understanding how to take your offering from a product to an experience. This workshop will:
    • Share examples of tourism experiences
    • Spark ideas for creating experiences that meet the needs of your best customers 

  • Marketing Experiences To Your Best Customer (Part 3 of 3)

    Every business wants to maximize its marketing efforts. EQ gives you insights into your best customer that will help you take a more targeted approach in your marketing. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use EQ for:  
    • Preparing promotional and pricing messages
    • Selecting media channels and assessing unpaid media opportunities
    • Writing copy and selecting images
  • Building a Basic Marketing Plan

    In this workshop, we’ll provide you with a marketing plan outline, things you need to consider within key sections of the plan and an example of a marketing plan that you can refer to as you develop your own plan. Watch the Events section for upcoming workshops near you or contact your industry development manager to arrange for a workshop in your area. 

  • Building Your Business Through the Travel Trade

    Building Your Business Through the Travel Trade is an information session developed to introduce you to what’s essential in becoming export-ready and the value and benefits of working with the travel trade. Travel Alberta’s Industry Development and Experience Development will work with businesses who want to explore the opportunities of expanding their markets. Watch the Events section for upcoming workshops near you or contact your industry development manager to arrange for a workshop in your area. Businesses that choose to become export-ready may be eligible for support through Travel Alberta’s Canada’s West Marketplace Scholarship Program.