Visitor at Cypress Hill Provincial Park


Market insight

Canadian travellers account for 95 per cent of Alberta's total visitation and 76 per cent of total expenditure.Travel Alberta has a strong consumer marketing focus in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec and will leverage a devalued Canadian dollar to influence travellers to choose homegrown experiences.

With a customized marketing approach to each channel and the presentation of compelling Alberta video, messaging and storytelling, we will maximize Alberta's year-round brand exposure and showcase our province to the rest of Canada. By working together and aligning our national strategy and investments, as Team Alberta we will encourage Canadians to spend their travel dollars in Alberta.

$6.8 B

Traveller Expenditures (Stats Can 2017)

34.9 M

Person Visits (Stats Can 2017)

4 people on fence with northern lights

Opportunity for growth

  • Leverage Alberta's tourism brand through seasonal and regional marketing initiatives in targeted domestic markets to create an emotional connection with Canadian travellers.

Key initiatives

  • Continue to create demand to visit Alberta from high potential domestic markets and market segments
  • Capitalize on lower Canadian dollar to drive incremental revenues and length of stay
  • Grow visitation from Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) and other high value audience segments