Market Insight

Germany is the biggest economy in the Eurozone with a population ready and eager to travel.

According to Destination Canada, German arrivals reached an 18-year high in 2017 with over 388,000 visitors to Canada, up 5 per cent in 2016. With an average spend of over $1,700 per tip, German travellers spend more than any of our other European markets, and stay an estimated 15 days.

The German long-haul leisure traveller perceives Canada as a top travel destination. According to Destination Canada's 2016 Global Tourism Watch, approximately 4.4 million German travellers report interest in visiting Canada. Alberta has great opportunity to capitalize on this demand with compelling experiences and strong air access.

Germany market status

Opportunity for growth

  • Strengthen awareness for Alberta through strategic partnerships and grow seasonal and regional visitation.

Key initiatives

  • Expand reach with key trade partners through new partnerships
  • Invest in marketing partnerships that will help to diversify Alberta product and grow visitation throughout the province