Channel Distribution

How the Travel Alberta digital marketing strategy gets the message out, and how you can help.

By 2021, more than 26 per cent of leisure travellers and 20 per cent of business travellers globally will be mobile only

Always on

The traveller of today takes a very different path than those before the digital age. Choosing a destination now is more like moving through a travel ecosystem where travellers are constantly connected to many, variable means to plan and purchase travel at any time, through any device, without following the traditional approach to dream, plan, book in that order.

Research also indicates that the most effective channel to reach Alberta-bound travellers is to meet them where they are doing their planning – online, on the phone and on the go – and to ensure an always-on approach to ensure our content is available always, no matter the time zone.

Developing strong marketing content like videos, images and articles and keeping your ATIS listing up to date ensures your business or event is part of the Travel Alberta marketing mix detailed here. This is a critical approach to growing tourism revenues in the province to $10 billion by 2020.

Evolved path to purchase

The marketing channel distribution mix

Global social media market activation ensures an always-on conversation in each of our markets, growing general awareness of Alberta while providing real time insights on traveller

Market specific media like public relations and media relations help us tell the story of the destination in active markets and gives travellers a bird’s eye view of Alberta.

Paid media uses digital tactics to target travellers most likely to visit Alberta, efforts that can be measured to better determine the most effective media channels and adjust tactics accordingly.

Travel trade such as tour operators, online agencies, and airlines help increase and diversify Alberta product available in international markets, growing experience and attraction focused awareness in our international markets and here at home. 

MICE the Meetings, Incentive, Conventions and Events (MICE) segment is a strong channel in markets where we can connect our travel trade partners with key industry sectors within Alberta.

Global partnerships with innovative brands that align with the values of the Alberta destination brand expand the reach of the Alberta story to a larger, aligned target audience and benefit from
a public association to encourage global awareness.

Business partnerships with online travel agencies or tour operators also create a strong international channel for the Alberta message with the experts in the field.

Market channel activation