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Travel Alberta leads in marketing Alberta's authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes at home and around the world.

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Meet the Travel Alberta team

Who we are

Travel Alberta is the tourism marketing agency of the Government of Alberta. Established on April 1, 2009, as a Crown corporation, we operate under authority of the Travel Alberta Act within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

What we do

We support the entrepreneurs of the tourism industry do what they do best – build their business and showcase Alberta’s authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes to potential travellers around the world. We invest in marketing initiatives, support, train and invest in industry development, strengthen connections that make it easy to visit Alberta and create compelling visual invitations designed to inspire people to come to Alberta, now.

How we do it

We support the entrepreneurship of Alberta business owners and destination marketing organizations through insight-driven marketing initiatives designed to inspire visitors to choose Alberta as their next destination and encourage them to travel here now.

Each tourism provider, operator, hotelier and restauranteur is integral to the traveller experience and, by working together in partnership, we ensure an aligned and integrated industry that continues to positively contribute to the economic diversity and prosperity of Alberta.

Benefits of Collaborative Tourism

Our mandate

Travel Alberta is responsible for marketing the tourism assets, attractions and opportunities present in Alberta in domestic, national and international markets; promoting Alberta as a destination for tourists and other visitors; and assisting and investing in tourism industry marketing efforts.

Our role

Travel Alberta is a destination development and marketing agency working closely with the Tourism and Recreation Division of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to create and market Alberta. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism supports the provincial tourism industry through infrastructure policy, development, grants and education invested in Alberta communities and businesses.

How we celebrate

How we celebrate

Awards and recognition are important as an organization because it reflects the level of excellence the people bring to their job each and every day. The people at Travel Alberta are passionate advocates of the industry, and it shows in the culture they create. Why do people love their work at Travel Alberta? Just ask us.

We are proud to have been named one of Alberta's Top 70 Employers by Mediacorp Canada and for having one of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures by Waterstone Human Capital