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Alberta’s investment opportunities are wide-ranging

Alberta is a province in western Canada, renowned for its scenic beauty, trailblazing culture, vast natural resources, and economic opportunity.

Home to the dynamic cities of Calgary and Edmonton and landscapes that range from prairies to badlands, from the craggy peaks of the Canadian Rockies to seemingly boundless forests, Alberta attracts millions of visitors each year, all drawn to its spirited people and its distinctly Canadian scenery, attractions, and events. 

While Alberta is already a world-class tourism destination, there is no shortage of opportunities for tourism development.

Person standing on a dock at Vermilion Lakes

A whole world to discover

Alberta is working to create the best possible environment for investment, across all sectors. 

The provincial government is committed to expanding tourism in Alberta, ensuring a balanced regulatory environment, and supporting industries seeking to enhance market competitiveness.

Alberta has the lowest tax rates in Canada. No provincial sales tax, no payroll taxes, no health care premiums, low fuel taxes, and low personal income tax all mean that Albertans have more money to spend—and that investors see greater returns on every dollar.

Alberta is well-positioned to weather today’s complex economic and geopolitical situation. The province’s stable economy is expected to perform among the best in Canada and is projected to expand by 3.2 per cent in 2023 and approximately 2.4 per cent in 2024, due to robust energy prices and a positive investment strategy.

Alberta Major Projects Alberta Economic Dashboard

From rich paleontological areas to the stunning display of the aurora borealis, Alberta’s natural attractions provide a stunning backdrop for year-round visitors to embark on adventures and experiences, including alpine activities, hiking, biking, camping/glamping, wellness retreats, heli-activities, fishing, dark sky tours, agri-tourism, and more.

Alberta’s celebrated Indigenous tourism experiences combine traditional and historical knowledge with access to hidden gems, fabulous food, and a variety of accommodations.

In addition to many provincial parks and recreation areas, the province boasts some of Canadas most popular national parks, including Banff and Jasper—bucket list destinations for visitors from all over the world

4.2M annual visitors to Banff National Park 2.5M annual visitors to Jasper National Park 450K annual visitors to Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology
1.2M annual visitors to the Calgary Stampede Over 470 parks and protected areas 6 of Canadas 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites 

Between the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary, there’s no shortage of events, culture, and dining experiences to discover. The Calgary Stampede, which takes place annually over ten days during the summer, is attended by over 1.2 million people. To the north, Edmonton, known as Canada’s Festival City, hosts over a dozen annual arts festivals, including the oldest and largest fringe theatre festival in North America, attended by over 850,000 people. Edmonton is also home to one of North America’s largest malls, which draws in more than 30 million visitors each year. 

Currently, Alberta has a total population of 4.5 million people, the urban populations of greater Edmonton and Calgary accounting for over 1.5 million each.

These numbers are growing quickly. From 2021 to 2022, the number of Albertans increased by 2.2 per cent, the highest growth since 2013/14 and among the highest of all Canadian provinces. By 2046, Albertas population is projected to reach almost 6.4 million—with 5.1 million living in the Calgary-Edmonton corridor.

Its no surprise that people are flocking to urban Alberta. Both of the provinces major cities have received international recognition for their affordability and lifestyle advantages.

Calgary Edmonton
  • Most Livable City(Economist Intelligence Unit)
  • Worlds Best Cities 2023(Resonance Consultancy)
  • Most affordable City in Canada(Urban Reform Institute, 2022)

    Albertans are ready to work, play, and adventure. They enjoy the highest disposable incomes and the lowest income tax brackets in the country, combined with a competitive cost of living in the provinces two major cities.

    Alberta has the youngest average age—as well as lowest proportion of people aged 65 and over—of all Canadian provinces and territories.

     And Albertans, and Canadians, are always seeking new experiences in their own backyards. Domestic tourism represents over 85 per cent of Alberta’s visitation.

    International visitor spending is growing faster than visitor arrival numbers, demonstrating the increasing value of visitors to Alberta.

    But visitor arrival numbers are increasing as well. As of 2019, international visitation from target markets to Alberta grew by 9.4 per cent year-over-year, 6.2 percentage points ahead of Canadas international growth from the same markets.

    Alberta offers immersive experiences that are unique to our landscapes, culture, and people. Its no surprise visitors are eager to travel from all over the world to climb the hoodoos and hunt for dinosaur fossils in the badlands of southern Alberta, or tour the north in a dog sled under the northern lights. As international visitation continues to grow, we’re eager to see the development of more products and experiences that showcase the beauty and diversity of Alberta and reflect the singular features visitors are looking for.

    The province is supported by modern and well-maintained transportation infrastructure. An extensive highway network connects rural and urban communities and areas throughout the province, year-round. Major highways also connect Alberta with other Canadian provinces and with the United States.

    Three international airports with direct air service support visitors from key markets across Canada and the world, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Japan.

    As the destination management organization of the Government of Alberta, Travel Alberta creates and promotes must-visit destinations throughout the province. By partnering with tourism businesses to develop memorable products and experiences, marketing those products and experiences, and ensuring visitors have access to them, were bringing the world to Alberta.

    And we work with our industry partners to elevate and develop tourism across the province. 

    We strategically invest in products, destinations, experiences, and air routes with the greatest potential for a high return.

    We coordinate a holistic and collaborative approach to building Albertas visitor economy through thoughtful destination development and values-based marketing. We bring together economic development bodies, businesses, and governments to accelerate investments, navigate regulatory processes and demonstrate tourisms contributions to the economy.

    Hoodoos Trail, Drumheller Valley

    We're here to help

    Travel Alberta's investment support services include:

    • Providing in-depth, customized research to support decision making
    • Organizing site visits aligned with project criteria
    • Facilitating introductions to leaders and officials from relevant businesses, industry associations, and government
    • Providing detailed information on Albertas tourism industry and business climate
    • Navigating regulatory requirements and assisting businesses with Crown land leasing opportunities through the Tourism and Commercial Recreation Lease
    • Ensuring awareness of incentive programs across all orders of government

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