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A love of chef-inspired local cuisine resulted in a unique and innovative fresh food adventure business where guests get a taste of Edmonton while cycling around the city. Food Bike Tour’s take four to six hours and include multiple stops to indulge in delicious food and beverages from several different locations. Also on offer is a Donut Bike Tour, a Food Walk Tour, chef kits and beverage kits.

Vanessa Ojeda, cofounder and president of Food Bike Tours, discusses Alberta’s tourism industry, her business, and how the company continues to evolve and grow despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Vanessa Ojeda from Edmonton Food and Bike Tour
Vanessa Ojeda, cofounder and president of Food Bike Tour.

How did your business evolve during the pandemic? What changes or new aspects to your business will you take with you moving forward?

Our business pivoted with the pandemic and started producing Chef Kits and Cocktail Kits, where guests receive a kit with all the raw ingredients needed to curate a meal from their favourite local restaurants. These kits are delivered right to their doorstep and include a link to a step-by-step tutorial video from the featured chef and a playlist of the chef’s favourite music to replicate the experience you would have at the restaurant. We have also added self-guided food walk tours for guests who wanted to just stay with their cohorts. We plan to continue offering these tours and kits. We’re committed to exploring creative ways for guests to combine Alberta’s outdoors with its exceptional food scene.

We know that Albertans are playing a key role in the initial economic recovery of our local tourism industry. What would you say to encourage Albertans to continue exploring their own backyard, even now that it’s possible to travel elsewhere again?

There is so much to explore in Alberta’s big backyard! You can still have lots of fun and meet new people while at the same time giving back to the community.

We know that health and safety is top of mind for everyone right now. How is your business offering visitors peace of mind?

Our business is about physical and mental health as guests get to bike around the city, enjoy the outdoors, meet new people, and discover the local culinary scene. Biking is naturally a social-distancing activity, but we also offer smaller group tours and private tours for those who want to stay with their cohorts.

What is the most valuable part of Alberta’s tourism industry?


Discovery is the most valuable part of Alberta’s tourism industry. On our food bike tours, guests discover the green oasis of the Edmonton river valley and culinary gems in local neighbourhoods. Discovery leads to appreciation of what Alberta has to offer.

Vanessa Ojeda

What are your hopes for the future of Alberta’s tourism industry? How will your business play a role in that?

I hope that the tourism industry will go back to normal. Our business will play a major role in creating a strong community by helping our guests discover Alberta’s historical buildings, festivals, and culinary scene.

How can industry work together to recover and build even stronger post-pandemic?

Cross-promotion, working together, and combining efforts will help all businesses recover faster.

What do you wish the rest of the world knew about tourism in Alberta?

I would like everyone to know how beautiful the Edmonton river valley is, how amazing the festivals are, and how fabulous our food scene really is.

What is your favourite “hidden gem” in Alberta?

Alberta has so many wonderful hidden gem food establishments and scenic paths. I love little neighbourhood culinary gems such as Juniper or Otto, located on 97 Street and 114 Ave. The owners are all about the community and are about helping people in their community. The food, atmosphere and service makes it feel like home and family.

What is your favourite memory of travelling in Alberta?

I love cycling on our food bike tours through our beautiful river valleys. One of my favourite memories was hosting a tour for my friends and family. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and we all enjoyed discovering new local cuisines, sightseeing, meeting new people, being outdoors, getting some exercise, and just being together surrounded by love. Our bellies were so full of laughter and delicious food.

(Updated November 2023)

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