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Adventurers rafting down the Elbow River, just north of Bragg Creek, may catch a glimpse of several canvas tents and geodesic domes scattered along the riverbank.  

These boutique glamping accommodations are the result of a unique partnership between Jenna Walsh, owner/operator of Elevated Escapes, and David and Ginger Onespot, owners/operators of the Onespot Crossing Campground. 

“I started Elevated Escapes in 2018 with a single glamping tent in Banff. Over the past five years, I’ve expanded the business by partnering with various landowners in B.C. and Alberta,” says Jenna.  

To support these developments, Elevated Escapes provides turnkey glamping units, booking management, marketing, and accounting services. And the landowners offer a beautiful spot of land to host the tents. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship for Elevated Escapes, their partners, and the visitors who get a unique outdoor accommodation experience.  

Jenna, David, and Ginger became connected when Jenna visited the family's campground.  She handed them a brochure and began building a relationship. 


We decided to open this land to the public after 53 years because, through the pandemic, people needed the space to get together while being able to be outside. We wanted to offer that space for families.

David and Ginger Onespot, Onespot Crossing Campground

With the tagline “disconnect to reconnect,” Elevated Escapes offers a completely off-grid ecotourism experience designed to help visitors reconnect with nature.  

“You can come out here and leave your cell phone behind, start a fire, listen to the sounds of the river, cook outside, and experience the magic of nature,” says Walsh. “We also want to encourage visitors to learn about the land and traditional activities, taught by David and Ginger onsite.” 

Travel Alberta helped purchase the new geodesic domes through the product development fund. With these sturdy, warm structures, and built-in fireplaces, the glamping site can remain open year-round.

Couple standing by window inside of dome tent with Elevated Escapes
Elevated Escapes' geodesic domes provide a warm, safe space to camp all year round.

“There’s lots to do in summertime… activities like fishing, archery, berry-picking, hiking, and tracking. And now, in the winter, we have snowshoeing, hiking, cross-country-skiing, and other outdoor activities. We’re going to be doing a lot more for kids, too.” 

The partners hope to expand programming by eventually offering land-based workshops taught by Treaty 6, 7, and 8 instructions, as well as local elders. Visitors will be able to select the group or family classes that appeal most to them, including tipi-building, cooking classes, hunting, and tracking.  

The one thing they hope visitors will take away from their experience? Memories.  

“We’re open to sharing our land and culture with everybody. Everyone is welcome.” 

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