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Pure, local, fine, ethical – these words describe the specialty coffee at Sought x Found Coffee Roasters. This independent coffee shop and roastery in Calgary is the dream of Caleb and Kitty Leung. The husband-and-wife team share a passion for coffee and spent years getting themselves professionally trained in tasting, roasting, and brewing. They roast in small batches and hand write the origin information and tasting notes on each bag. Everything is carefully curated, from the coffee beans and loose-leaf teas to the locally sourced organic milk and baked goods. A passion for coffee and a commitment to always serve the best makes this independent roastery stand out.

We interviewed Caleb and Kitty about what helped their business stay resilient during the challenges of COVID-19, and how tourism in Alberta can recover and grow even stronger post-pandemic.

What helped you stay resilient over the past year, and how has your business evolved?

From the beginning of the pandemic, we realized it wasn’t going to be over quickly. We focused on adapting with changes that we would keep for the long term and have long-lasting benefits. We invested in improvements not only to withstand the on-again, off-again restrictions on the restaurant industry due to this pandemic, but to ultimately future-proof our business. This is our way of being loyal to our customers and supporters – we will continue to be here to serve them despite the circumstances.

Sought X Found Coffee Roasters
Sought x Found Coffee Roasters

Rather than fixating on limitations, we took the opportunity to grow and expand our business. We expanded our physical space into our next-door unit and started a gallery/café concept, with a much larger and more comfortable dining area. We installed a pick-up window and an online ordering system to accommodate customers who value the convenience and/or limited contact. We started offering local coffee beans delivery and extended our hours of service from five days to seven days. We made our business more available and accessible to compensate for the loss due to restrictions. We also expanded our staff team and provided more employment opportunities for Calgarians.


With growth comes great fear, pain, and sacrifice, but we believe that the moment we stop growing, we will begin to wither away, whether we realize it or not.

Caleb and Kitty Leung

What is the most inspiring story or moment you have seen or experienced over the past year?

One of our regular customers, who is also our neighbour, told us that she saw all the changes we made to stay open and provide a better experience for customers as being “loyal” to the customers, so in return, she would be loyal to our business as well. We learned that loyalty is reciprocal!

What are your hopes for the future of Alberta’s tourism industry? How will your business play a role in that?

We will continue to better our craft and contribute to the artisan culture in Alberta. This is what makes Alberta unique and worth travelling for. We not only have the Canadian Rockies for people to enjoy, but also all the off-mountain experiences that create valuable memories.

How can industry work together to recover and build even stronger post-pandemic?

At Sought x Found, we have always been a supporter of local businesses. We source our ingredients from local artisans whenever possible. Our organic dairy is produced by Vital Green Farms in Picture Butte; our chocolate and pastries are locally made, and many of our food items feature local produce and other locally made ingredients. We roast our own coffee and supply to other organizations as well.

Albertans have played a key role in keeping many tourism businesses afloat during the pandemic. Why should Albertans continue to explore the province even when it’s possible to travel elsewhere?

Alberta has a lot to offer: our great wilderness, unique businesses, and culture that many Albertans have yet to discover. “Vacation” and “holiday” to many means leaving where you live and going as far as possible to seek “exotic” experiences. Many Albertans didn’t realize that there are many opportunities for new experiences here at home, too. I think the pandemic allowed more Albertans to start enjoying the businesses and the lifestyle here.

What is the most important thing you want Albertans to know about the value of the province’s tourism industry?

Supporting the local economy benefits everyone.

What is your favourite memory of travelling in Alberta?

I enjoy camping in the backcountry the most, with Kananaskis being one of our closest wonders.

What is your favourite “hidden gem” in Alberta?

That will definitely be Sought x Found Coffee Roasters! (haha) We focus the bulk of our energy on upholding and improving the quality of what we serve and how we serve. This is how we built our business – our reach may be narrow, but we create deep and meaningful loyalty.

Other than that, we love Vital Green Farms, Leffers Brothers Carrots, and Mans Organics. These are great producers in Alberta who dedicate their life to high-quality food. And they call Alberta home. 

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