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How to write a great ATIS description that will get you noticed

Descriptions are an essential step in creating an effective Listing, Event or Offer. Their purpose is to provide travellers with essential information about your business and/or experience, and why they should visit.

A well-crafted ATIS description, paired with great photos and appealing Offers, can help your business attract more customers. These descriptions should be engaging and informative, while helping potential consumers get excited about experiencing your product with the ultimate goal of booking.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to craft a noteworthy ATIS listing:

  • Know your audience – who is the audience you’re trying to appeal to? Write with this audience in mind.
  • Before writing your description, make a list of the features that set you apart from your competition. Do you serve food made from local ingredients? Does your property have a great view? Get inspiration from former visitors, or even look on TripAdvisor to see what people say about you. Your ATIS description should answer some of the “what”, and a lot of the “why”.
  • Once you have a list of your features, highlight a few to focus on and describe how these features benefit your visitors. Rather than writing that you are “conveniently located close to attractions”, explain that guests can “spend less time traveling and take in major attractions within a 10-minute walk from your room”.
  • Lead your description with your most interesting benefits and try to include your business name in the first two sentences.
  • Be brief and succinct. A great listing description should be between three to six short sentences (on average).
  • Be authentic– meeting a customer’s expectations is key. Unless you have third-party validation (e.g., you have won a Housekeeping Award two years in a row from a recognized authority), don’t claim to be the best at something. Instead of claiming, “We have the best collection of art deco furniture,” point out that “The XYZ Art Museum has one of the most extensive public collections of art deco furniture in Canada with over 5,000 pieces on display." 
  • DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. Use title case for titles and sentence case for descriptions.
  • Do not include details in your listing that could change; such as business hours, contact details, etc. Contact information is included in other areas of your listing and does not need to be included in the description. If you are writing an Offer description, you may include travel windows and Offer restrictions.
  • Be sure to update your listing at least every six months for accuracy. Wrong information will lead to customer frustration.
  • Avoid jargon, abbreviations or other terms that may not be familiar to most people. Write your description just as how you would speak and don’t be afraid to add your own personality or voice.
  • Avoid using first-person terms like our or we in your listing. Since these listings appear on websites outside of your own site, third-person terms, such as it and they, are best.


Original Description: 
Our property is located close Waterwake fun park and within a few minutes to most area attractions. Rooms are well-appointed. Other features include hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free parking, hot tub and a fitness room.

Areas of improvement:

  • The description is vague about how close it is to area attractions
  • A list of features does not promote why a visitor should choose your business – try to list some of the benefits to your potential visitor


Spend less time in the car and more time exploring the area at the Pincher Creek Hillside Hotel. Situated within walking distance to the outdoor pavilion and the go cart track, and only ten minutes by car to Chucks mini golf, Waterwake fun park waterpark and plenty of family-friendly restaurants. Start your day with a hot buffet breakfast and a warm cup of locally roasted organic coffee. Free Wi-Fi is available to help plan your day of discovery and for posting all your vacation photos to Instagram! After a busy day exploring, visit the large onsite pool and hot tub to unwind before another day of exploring ahead. 

Original Description: 
Offering the best old-fashion milkshakes, burgers and fries in Slave Lake. Come check out our 50’s diner setting or take out. Located downtown. 

Areas of improvement:

  • Written in first person – third person is best when marketing outside of your own website or social channels. 
  • Business name is missing from the description
  • Lacks authenticity and focal interest – does not convey the heart of the place. 


Mama Susie’s diner is an old-fashioned burger joint voted by locals as the best place to dine in Slave Lake for 25 years and running. Come for the handmade burgers and fries made from fresh, local ingredients, and stay for the old-fashioned 50s-style décor complete with original juke box with 50s and 60s classic and modern favourites.  Mama Susie’s has been locally owned by the same family since it opened 50 years ago. 

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