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Tourism businesses, communities and associations can apply some of the learnings from our brand research to take a more strategic approach to marketing. Here are three tips to consider:

Prioritize Ultimate Travellers

High-value travellers are most likely to spend more per visit, yield the highest return on investment and make the greatest contribution to the province’s economic growth.

Informed by a wealth of psychographic, demographic and socioeconomic data, Travel Alberta has identified specific types of high-value travellers: Alberta’s Ultimate Travellers.


These two Ultimate Travellers, “Curious Adventurers” and “Hotspot Hunters”, are consumer-focused personas with the highest intent to travel and highest future revenue potential for Alberta businesses. By tailoring visitor experiences, marketing and messaging to align with their traits, you can attract these valuable visitor markets and increase revenue. See Alberta’s Ultimate Travellers for details.

 Show real people having real experiences

Appeal to potential visitors with a people-first marketing strategy. While the beautiful landscapes are certainly memorable, our incredible spirit and bold attitudes also set us apart.
Showcase our welcoming spirit and independent nature by highlighting diverse faces enjoying uniquely Albertan experiences.


For international markets, think Canada-first

International visitors often think of Canada as a whole; they identify the iconic Canadian experiences but may not know much about the geography. Incorporating distinctively Canadian imagery and language reminds visitors that they can get those iconic Canadian experiences here in Alberta, as well as the unique and wild experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

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