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The Discovery Reports are a summary of the key findings from our engagement with stakeholders. They also highlight each Tourism Development Zone’s (TDZ) potential and serve as a basis for informing future destination development plans.

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Industry dynamics

Overall, Alberta’s tourism industry is experiencing two inter-related dynamics that are both a challenge and an opportunity in which the TDZ initiatives aim to address:

Regional compression

Over 75% of expenditures are in five legacy destinations.

Seasonal compression

Majority of revenues occur from June to August.

10-year potential of the Canadian Badlands TDZ


Potential job creation


Visitor spend growth/year


Estimated tourism spend (2022-2035)

*These figures represent the additional growth potential for the zone under the TDZ initiative.

Who did we engage with?

The picture is not complete without ensuring we heard from the communities. In the Canadian Badlands TDZ, we engaged with:

  • 173 Stakeholders
  • 183 Businesses
  • 9 Communities

What are residents saying

  • 83% would welcome more visitors to their community
  • 77% say that a strong tourism industry improved their quality of life
  • 83% believe tourism is important to their community
A tour guide showing a mother and two young children a fossil.

Residents need to see the connection between tourism and their everyday lives.


Two people hiking the Hoodoos Trail in the Drumheller Valley.


Girl sitting on top of camper van in the Canadian Badlands.


Where are we going from here

In order to develop these emerging areas of the province, a comprehensive destination development plan is necessary to guide and align all stakeholders. These destination plans will identify roles and responsibilities that address barriers as well as opportunities for investment. To do this effectively, we are addressing 20 interrelated elements (see image below).

As Travel Alberta makes progress on these development plans, check back for an update in the months ahead. Stakeholders can also reach out to the Destination Development Manager listed below who is responsible for this TDZ.

Discover more about the Canadian Badlands TDZ

Download the Discovery Report

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Portrait of Andi Dzilums

Andi Dzilums

Canadian Badlands & Historic Plains