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Tourism Related GDP and Taxes

This dashboard measures the total economic impact of Alberta’s tourism industry on the overall economy including the direct, indirect and induced impacts. 

The direct impact of tourism includes tourism GDP, full-time employment, and tax revenue resulting from tourism spending. 

Indirect impact shows how tourism spending trickles down as tourism businesses purchase goods and services from supporting businesses, including the employment and tax revenues from those businesses.

Induced impacts are the broader results of increased spend in a region, caused by the direct and indirect effects of tourism. Businesses with increased revenue from direct and indirect economic tourism effects can spend more on labour, resulting in more household income available to spend on goods and services within the community. This shows how tourism growth leads to overall economic and community well-being.

Tourism-related taxes are the total sales taxes (GST) and income tax resulting from direct, indirect and induced effects of tourism, as well as levy collection.

How-to use this information

Our Tourism Indicator dashboards hold a wealth of information about the tourism market and make predictions for the coming year. You can filter and sort the information, so be sure to customize them to your interests.

Understanding Tourism Indicators


Active Tourism Businesses are businesses that have reported having one or more employees in any given month. The number of active tourism businesses is an indicator of tourism’s recovery and growth in Alberta.