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Metis interpreters doing the jigging dance

Brand & Marketing

Use these attributes and assets for effective and cohesive brand storytelling, content development, and campaigns.

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Travel Trade

We're primed to market your business to the world.

The travel trade team works with tour operators and travel agents to sell visitor experiences internationally. 

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A hotel employee stands with a baggage cart in a hotel.
Laura Nichol from Fort Edmonton

Partner Marketing Tool (ATIS)

Amplify your message

We’ve made it easier to advertise across multiple digital properties, for free. Meet ATIS, Travel Alberta's partner marketing platform. Create your post with ease and we’ll make sure the right audience sees it.

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Destination Development Managers

Contact your local Destination Development Manager for support and information on how to develop your tourism-focused business.

Portrait of Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Wildlands & Northern Rockies


Portrait of Chris Down

Chris Down



Portrait of Lisa Lima

Lisa Lima

West Country & Central Prairies


Portrait of Andi Dzilums

Andi Dzilums

Canadian Badlands & Historic Plains


Portrait of Cameron Spence

Cameron Spence

Foothills & Canadian Rockies


Portrait of Yvonne Chau

Yvonne Chau

Southern Rockies & Calgary


Portrait of Jenny Daubert

Jenny Daubert

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo & Edmonton