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Alberta has set the stage for some of the most beloved and successful films in history. This vibrant and growing made-in-Alberta film industry provides significant opportunities to promote travel and investment in the province by showcasing the brave, bold and down-to-earth spirit of Alberta.

Tourism operators, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), municipalities and more can use this playbook as a guide to amplify awareness of the province’s role in made-in-Alberta film and television projects, and to leverage high profile releases in your marketing strategy.

Did you know?

The film industry contributes hundreds of millions annually to Alberta’s economy through job creation, tourism, hotel bookings, spending at local restaurants and attractions, vehicle rentals, and more.

Step 1: Goal

Multiple goals can be achieved when it comes to promoting film and television in Alberta. Each production has a story to tell, and a distinct audience it seeks to attract. Choose a primary goal and if needed, a secondary goal, to help focus your promotional efforts. See below for some examples of goals you can set for your promotion efforts.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Pride of Place

There’s nothing quite like seeing your home on the big screen or spotting a celebrity enjoying your favourite local haunt. Watching Alberta on screen and witnessing the opportunities productions provide can help residents feel a sense of pride for their home province.

Destination Awareness

Whether the province portrays itself or another location, film and television production boosts awareness of Alberta among international audiences. Iconic images, scenes and moments make an impression no matter what.

Tourism Product Sales

A successful film or television program can inspire travellers to seek out new experiences, which can lead to increased sales of tourism products.

Niche Audience

Films resonate with specific audiences and their interests to create an enduring affinity for a place.

Investor Relations

The cultural impact of film and television productions can translate to real-world opportunities for industry. Aligning your promotion efforts with buzz around a production and the associated destination can help appeal to prospective visitors.

More Film Investment

A successful film or television production can help sell a location to other industry heavy hitters. Keeping Alberta top-of-mind as a filming destination can support the province’s ongoing film and television industry.

Interstellar (Source:
Interstellar (Source:

More than 100 films and television shows have been shot in Alberta, including fan favourites like Game of Thrones, Fargo, Interstellar, Brokeback Mountain, Inception, and the much-anticipated series from HBO, The Last of Us.

Check out more Hollywood blockbusters filmed in Alberta.

Step 2: Fit

You have a clear and measurable goal in place, but now there are several considerations before you can capitalize on the opportunities of a film or television production.

Consider the following:

Brand Alignment

Certain productions will align perfectly with the messages you’re trying to convey and the stories you're trying to tell, but not all projects will align with your goals. Always ask yourself, “How does this production enhance our/my brand?”

Market/Audience Alignment

Assess the target market of the production. Which generation are they? What are their values? The project’s audience needs to align with your own.

Distribution Alignment

Making a great film is one thing, but how will it be distributed? Is it being released commercially, on the film festival circuit or a streaming service? Your distribution plans need to fit the production’s.

Scale of Production

Does the film have a large budget and distribution plan? If so, it will have a larger reach with a broader audience than a smaller production that may be better suited for a niche audience. Review your priorities and determine if the project aligns with them.


Are celebrities and influencers creating buzz about the project? Is it a contender for major awards? Is it shifting the cultural conversation? These are a few questions to ask yourself about the film and its ability to generate attention.

Cast and Crew Experience in the Community

Celebrities will often post about local gems on social media or spend time getting to know the locals and sharing their experience. This provides a sense of authenticity around the project and supporting promotional opportunities.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Source: therock/Instagram)
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Source: therock/Instagram)
The Last of Us (Source: bellaramsey/ Instagram)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Source: Jason Reitman/Twitter)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Source: Jason Reitman/Twitter)

Step 3: Make a Plan

Now it’s time to find tangible ways to achieve your goals. Consider the following when creating your promotion plan:


How can you reach your goals? What marketing levers can you pull to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve?


Any tactics listed in your strategy should be specific, measurable and achievable within your timeframe, budget and resources. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Content and Social Media

Consider the following points before posting photos and video to your channels to support the project.

  • Do you have quality content to share? This can come from a press kit or be created by your team internally.
  • Which platform makes sense to reach your audience?
  • Get creative with your content. This could be anything from designing a build-your-own-adventure map of film locations or sharing (approved) behind-the-scenes info.
  • Incorporate user-generated content (UGC) into your strategy. Fans can help capture the spirit of a production – just be sure to get permission from the content creator before posting.
  • Consider how influencers who appeal to your target audience can help share your message.

Paid Campaigns

Digital, social and traditional advertising are all beneficial ways to promote the production and locations throughout Alberta. Before you create any advertising, think about your audience, the goal and your message and craft creative around that.

Earned Media

Think about story angles you can pitch to traditional or digital media outlets, along with any visual assets you have that can strengthen the story. Watch for story opportunities during production, after the project’s release and even years into the future.

Events, Screening, and Premiers

Leverage the glamour and excitement around productions with screenings and real-world events.


Watch for opportunities to collaborate with production houses to create content and enhance promotion. This could include anything from exclusive content for your channels, to interview opportunities and events.

Where to Start

Get in touch with Alberta Film if you need more information to help guide your promotional efforts, or contact Travel Alberta’s Content Studio.