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What is emergency management?

Strong emergency management will save lives, preserve the environment, protect property, and sustain the tourism sector. 

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Four phases of emergency management

Emergency management doesn’t start when a crisis happens. Our operator guides provide recommendations to help you start thinking about how to protect your tourism business in all four phases of emergency management.  

Mitigation: reducing or eliminating the risk of an emergency occurring.

Preparedness: being ready to respond to a crisis and manage impacts.

Response: actions taken during an emergency to manage consequences.

Recovery: restoring conditions to a functional level.  

Operator Guides





During an emergency

Knowing where to go during an emergency for official information and direction is crucial. The Government of Alberta’s Emergency Alert app and website is an excellent resource.  

Additionally, your local municipality's website may be used during an emergency to communicate to affected residents and businesses 

Additional Resources

Air Quality Health Index: Understand the current air quality and if it poses health risks for outdoor activity. 

Alberta Emergency Management Agency: Read the government guidelines for emergency and disaster preparedness.  

Alberta Emergency Preparedness: Learn how you and your business can prepare for natural disasters, including links to valuable resources.  

Alberta Drought:Stay in the know about the current drought state in Alberta and how we can mitigate the effects together.    

Alberta Flood: Understand what you can do during all stages of a flood (before, during, and after) in your area.  

Alberta Wildfire: Get the latest information on the status and location of wildfires, fire restrictions and bans.

Emergency Apps: Download these emergency applications to your smartphone to receive real time notifications to prepare and respond to emergencies. 

Before, During, and After an Emergency: Learn how to prepare for any emergency that Alberta may experience. 

FireSmoke Canada: See smoke forecasts for North America on this interactive map.