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Albertans are bursting with ideas and guess who benefits from their creativity the most? Their communities! When these ideas become reality, they add something unique and exciting to the community that all can enjoy. Tourism businesses don’t just create jobs and attract visitors from around the world; they also become spaces where treasured memories flourish.

Here are five attractions and experiences that we have recently supported and are bound to add adventure, entertainment, or relaxation to their communities.

Source: Photo provided by Bridgeview Retreats & Glamping of one of their yurts.

1. Bridgeview Retreat & Glamping: Relax, reconnect, and explore in the Badlands

Just a few minutes from downtown Drumheller, Bridgeviews understands how to combine the comforts of home with the joys of embracing nature. As an alternative to mountain-side camping experiences, Albertans can enjoy the mesmerizing Canadian Badlands, transporting them to a time when dinosaurs walked the earth. The drastic hoodoos are a memorable backdrop for family get togethers, friend celebrations or solo retreats.


Drumheller has shown us wonderful support, encouraging us to grow our Unique Glamping Experience here at Bridgeviews... The demand for more outdoor experiences and options has been growing year-over-year, we hear it from our guests seeking a connection to nature. And we are delighted to be able to offer this private beautiful valley location.

Tara Rosen, founder and owner of Bridgeviews Retreat and Glamping

2. Peace River Adventures: Access the unreachable with river tours

There is something about being on the water that brings tranquility and inspires creativity. Peace River Adventures offers Albertans a way to explore the Wildlands’ area from the perspective of a boat. From full- to half- day trips to sunrise or sunset tours, this experience gets you out on the water to see sights and wildlife unreachable by vehicle to learn about the culture and history of the area. The founders, Alana and Felix, infuse the tours with their passion and love for the adventure, fostering pride of place in the communities along the Peace River.

3. Canyon Ski Resort: Zipline into your next adventure

Canyon Ski Resort is a prime example of a business that has found ways to add value to their community all year long. This summer, residents have a new adrenaline-fueled activity to enjoy: the Zipline and Adventure Park. This family-friendly net park features an aerial obstacle course, climbing wall and double zipline. This comes after the 2022 successful launch of their alpine coaster, where visitors can enjoy the rush of speeding down the hill through the forest trails. When the weather chills and the snow falls, the Red Deer community can hit the slopes and enjoy the thrills of tubing, skiing, snowboarding and much more.

4. Girth Hitch Guiding: From stronger connections to thrill-seeking freedom

Albertans have a wild side and Girth Hitch Guiding is ready to meet that need for adventure. The guiding company is introducing two new experiences, both embedded in their belief that time in the mountains is nurturing for the soul and challenges the mind to be the best one can be. The first is an Indigenous-led wilderness journey that embraces the connection between land and Indigenous ways of viewing the mountains. The second is a four-day heli-alpine camping experience that takes thrill-seekers to routes that would otherwise be out of reach. Locals will walk away from these experiences rejuvenated and inspired to take on what life throws at them.

Source: Photo provided by BUMP Festival featuring a tour group viewing Jae Sterling's mural, "Portal Maker."

5. BUMP: Adding splashes of colour and culture to YYC

Tourism comes in all forms, including art and expression. The BUMP Festival transforms Calgary’s buildings into stunning visuals that spark conversation. Locals can discover a new side of their city by embarking on a tour throughout the city that celebrates the diversity, talent, and stories behind each mural. In addition, the BUMP Festival brings international artists to Calgary, who often mentor local artists and enrich the creative community. The project opens doors for Albertan artists to make a name for themselves on an international stage.

Tourism can be a huge benefit to the community, from introducing new activities to beautifying otherwise bland buildings. While welcoming international visitors boosts the economy, it’s important to recognize the lifestyle benefits tourism adds to our communities.

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