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There’s no doubt our rolling prairies, turquoise blue lakes and majestic mountains play a key role in attracting visitors from across the world. But we have a secret ingredient that makes us stand out from the rest: our people.


“[We have] Indigenous people and non-indigenous people that have real concrete stories to share about the land and have such a passion and such a beautiful history and such beautiful cultures that you can’t help but be drawn into that.”

Brenda Holder, founder, Mahikan Trails

Refocusing our brand on Alberta’s people

In 2021, we evolved our brand to focus on the province’s people and personality. Albertans are spirited, independent and welcoming. We’re Canada’s Wild Side.

In today’s highly saturated tourism landscape, the competition for international visitors has never been fiercer. When we began testing our brand with a widespread audience, we realized that people plus landscapes is Alberta’s secret sauce. While landscapes are our strongest draw, showcasing our people and culture combined resulted in greater intent to travel.

Integrate people-first storytelling into your marketing

International travellers are looking for unique experiences that resonate with their unique interests and personality. They want to be able to envision themselves in a place.

Storytelling, through videos, photos, articles, events, or even through a podcast or other channel, can show potential travellers exactly what makes Alberta so special. Stories build that connection between person, place and product.

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