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Canada's Wild Side Canada's Alberta

Travel Alberta's brand is designed to help differentiate Alberta from other destinations, create fame for the province and be true to our people and places. Built on the unique attitude and personality of Alberta’s people, it is a call-out to the free-spirited that they will feel at home here. Alberta’s independent spirit, incredible spaces and welcoming faces are unlike anywhere else in the world.

Understand Alberta's brand

Do you want to capture Alberta's spirit and welcoming attitude? Then check out our brand guidelines to see how we market Alberta to the world.

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Brand attributes

Distinctively Canadian

A little different than the rest of the country.

We are an outlier among Canadians: bolder, louder, less in-line. Everything iconic you love about Canada.


A fierce belief in ourselves.

Born of our western roots, we don’t always conform. Unafraid to go it alone and try new things, we're willing to go against norms and chart new paths.


A glint in our eye.

Energetic and a bit mischievous. Brave, bold and courageous. We work hard and play hard.


A warmth in our smile.

The ultimate hosts, we love gathering and bringing people together. Refreshingly down-to-earth, warm and hospitable.


A liberating escape from what holds you down and holds you back.

Open spaces and opportunity. Breaking rules, going your own way. You can be who you want to be here.

Want to know how you can show off Alberta?

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