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With over 21 million viewers per episode worldwide, HBO’s The Last of Us has certainly taken the world by storm. And for residents of Alberta, it offers the unique opportunity to see our cities, towns, landmarks, and local businesses represented on the global stage.

That’s right—The Last of Us was filmed in over 180 locations across Alberta. And that represents a massive tourism opportunity. According to a study conducted by the Travelsat Competitive Index, 80 million U.S. tourists decided to travel to a destination motivated by films and TV series in 2017 – twice as many as in 2012.

With just three episodes left in the season, you may be left wondering how to capitalize on all this attention to attract more visitors. The Alberta Film Playbook, developed in partnership with the Alberta Film Commission, can serve as your road map. 

Did you know?

The film industry contributes hundreds of millions annually to Alberta’s economy through job creation, tourism, hotel bookings, spending at local restaurants and attractions, vehicle rentals, and more.

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Amplify, amplify, amplify

Members of the cast and crew love shouting out their favourite local gems on social media and in interviews. Be sure to keep an eye out for any mentions of your community and get ready to share the content on your own channels! Consider boosting a well-performing post—a small investment can make a big difference.

Know your audience

When you amplify content related to a film series, be mindful of your audience. You know them best. You know what content they engage with and which channels they use. This effort to consider your audience goes a long way and will foster stronger engagement on your channels.

Utilize existing content

Each week, HBO uploads images from the show to their online press kit. They are easy and free to use for promotional purposes, and all you need is an account. Click here to sign up. Or maybe you have some special behind-the-scenes content from when the crew rolled through your neighbourhood!

Incorporate user-generated content

Fans can help capture the spirit of a production, capturing on-set content and sharing their favourite moments from the show and game. Just be sure to get permission from the content creator before posting.

Earned media

Think about story angles you can pitch to traditional or digital media outlets, along with any visual assets you have that can strengthen the story. Watch for story opportunities during production, after the project’s release, and even years into the future.

Screenshot of Los Angeles Times article about how film producers created Jackson in The Last of Us

Lean on your partners

Looking for more great ways to get involved? Be sure to check out and share our interactive locations map. It’s updated each week, after the episode airs, highlighting the specific shooting locations across Alberta.

Finally, the Alberta Film Commission works tirelessly to bring these big-budget projects to Alberta. Click here to learn more or get in touch.

To learn more, check out the Alberta Film Promotion Playbook or contact your Destination Development Manager.

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