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ATIS offers a variety of content types that are available for you to promote your business. The more relevant, enticing content you produce, the greater the potential for increased exposure for your business through Travel Alberta’s web and marketing channels.

Each content type presents a unique opportunity to support the consumer in their vacation planning process, whether it’s helping to develop excitement and discovery through articles and listings, providing urgency on timing through events, or helping consumers make purchasing decisions through offers.

By utilizing as many content types as are relevant to your business, you can support a consumer’s mindset wherever they are in their purchasing decision!

In this edition of our ATIS series we will focus on Events and Offers and what they can do for you and your business. Here’s a quick look into each content type:

Content Type



Information about an Alberta tourism product that takes place as a single organized event OR as a series of organized events over a short time period.

Things to keep in mind:

  • An event does not exceed four months
  • An event has a strong spectator component as opposed to something you just participate in
  • Events typically do not require a lot of advance ticket sales in order to proceed (an exception this this might be a concert).
  • Events must have a combined attendance capacity of at least 100 for the duration of the activity.


An offer is pricing information about an Alberta Tourism product, or packaged group of products, with or without a discount.

  • An offer has a price point greater than $0.
  • An offer requires advance ticket sales.


Events present an opportunity to attract visitation and provide a sense of urgency to travel within the event time-frame.

Events differ from listings (which we discussed in our previous series #2) in that an event is typically a special event that does not occur frequently throughout the year. Frequently occurring events may be better suited to a listing or an offer instead.

Consider adding your event as an offer if the event requires a long lead time in order to purchase tickets to the event (i.e., the event cannot accommodate walk-in traffic on most days/nights), if there is a packaged component, or if the event does not have a strong spectator component.


Once you have spurred the interest of a traveller through listings, events, photos and articles, offers are your invitation to travellers to come and experience your product. A well-developed offer can make all the difference in attracting travellers to your experience.

The price of the product, or group of products, may be a regular retail price or a discounted price.

General Offers Guidelines and Best Practices:

  • Packaging with other partners is a great way to increase your exposure to other areas within For example, if you are an attraction and you partner with an accommodation, your offer will appear within the Attraction section and the Accommodation section of the website.
  • “Value-adds” can be just as powerful as discounting. Look for interesting ways to fill need periods through value-adds that entice visitors to your business. Consider partnering with a local event in town and carry the theme of the event to your attraction or accommodation.
  • Ensure your site lists the details of your offer and link your ATIS offer directly to that page on your website. Be sure to make your offer easy for customers to find.

For more information about ATIS Content Types visit the ATIS Resource Hub or contact us today.

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