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Global Tourism Watch

Destination Canada's report provides consumer-based intelligence on 10 markets around the world to help industry understand the needs, trends and habits in key markets. This includes: 

  • Awareness, travel intentions and other key market indicators for Canada and key tourism regions.
  • Perceptions of Canada and brand performance against the competitive set over time. 
  • Experiences sought by travellers, Canada’s competitive positioning on key products and growth opportunities. 
  • Motivators and barriers for travel to Canada. 
  • The role of social media and advocacy in the tourism context. 

View the Global Tourism Watch report

A group of people dancing in downtown Edmonton

Alberta Visitor Profiles

The Government of Alberta publishes visitor profiles that measure the size and status of Alberta’s tourism industry. This includes information on:

  • Visitor origin
  • Purpose of trip
  • Accommodation
  • Length of stay
  • Seasonality
  • Spending in Alberta and tourism regions

Access the profiles

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