2020-22 Alberta Rebound Strategy


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To restart Alberta’s tourism industry and rebuild Alberta’s visitor economy to 2019 levels by 2023.

City of Edmonton


The (re)Bound name gives a nod to Travel Alberta’s brand wordmark (remember to breathe). It recognizes the work to be undertaken to ensure the rebound of Alberta tourism businesses and Alberta’s visitor economy. It sets a path forward for a future state when the world is again Alberta Bound.


The Alberta (re)Bound Strategy is a three-phased approach to managing through the COVID-19 crisis. It will help to minimize the impact on Alberta’s tourism industry, build resilience and accelerate our recovery, and prepare the province to welcome travellers in the future.


Each phase is supported by five focus areas:

  1. RESPONSE & ALIGNMENT: Communication with and support for government priorities
  2. DESTINATION DEVELOPMENT: Building business capacity and tourism inventory throughout the province
  3. DESTINATION PROMOTION: Creating compelling invitations to explore all of Alberta
  4. DESTINATION MANAGEMENT: Leading Alberta’s tourism future
  5. INTERNAL BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Maximizing effective resources for success


City of Calgary

Travel Alberta’s role

Travel Alberta, as the province’s destination management and promotion organization, supports the Government of Alberta to protect our citizens from the COVID-19 virus, while also maintaining support, intelligence, and promotion for Alberta’s experiences and the businesses and organizations that deliver them.

Alberta (re)Bound strategic framework

Building on our (remember to breathe) brand, this plan capitalizes on the strength and resilience of Albertans and creates a framework for rebuilding the province’s visitor economy.

Industry and market research

Travel Alberta has an established research and insights team dedicated to compiling and interpreting timely, relevant data that enables our partners to make sound business decisions.

Industry Development

Our team is in constant contact with the province’s destination management organizations, national and provincial parks, and experience providers to ensure effective, two-way communication and collaboration to adapt to the changing situation.

Agile and resilient team

Travel Alberta team members are dedicated to the success of our partners and work tirelessly to deliver services and information in a timely and effective manner.

Central Alberta


COVID Response Community Local Within Alberta Inter-provincial Travel
Canada-US Travel Gradual Re-opening to Overseas Normalized Domestic and Int'l
CHARACTERISTICS No Travel Physical distancing requirements Non-essential businesses open
Gathering limits increase. Parks re-open. In-province car travel resumes Non-essential travel no longer discouraged. Uplift in domestic leisure travel Canada-US border re-opens for land and air travel Canadian borders re-open to inboud markets that have contained COVID-19 Canadian and International travel indicators stable
TRIP DISTANCE No Travel Local community 1-2 hours drive 1-5 hours drive 5-10 hours drive. 1-4 hours flight 2-30 hours drive. 1-6 hours flight (US) 5+-hours flight (overseas) Travel indicators stable for continued growth. Larger group events restart
LENGTH OF STAY No Travel Day trips Day Trips, overnight trips Overnight trips. Multi-day trips Multi-day. Multi-week Multi-day. Multi-week Multi-day. Multi-week