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Content and Storytelling

Showing and telling great stories is how we deliver compelling invitations to visit Alberta.

The team Alberta approach is key to creating a wealth of assets for use by all, everywhere across Alberta. Our content marketing experts are partnering with industry to create a critical mass of assets to feed the constant need for new and compelling invitations to Alberta.

The content ecosystem allows everyone to access and benefit from the power of digital content development. You can contribute with these three simple steps:

  1. Create story content (images, video, articles)
  2. Share with Travel Alberta contacts (Experience development manager/Coop marketing manager, global consumer media team)
  3. Consistently and comprehensively create and maintain your ATIS listing with all available content

The team at Travel Alberta is in a constant state of planning, shooting producing and editing images, videos and stories from across the province to share with potential travellers. The best part – they are keen to share content and expertise with you. The more we work together, the more consistent our Alberta destination brand. 

How we can help

  1. Visit the Travel Alberta YouTube channel for access to video assets
  2. Sign up for the Travel Alberta Multimedia Library to access thousands of Alberta content to use when marketing your business.

Why align with Travel Alberta?

Because we are constantly focused on better understanding the ultimate traveller and refining our customized marketing strategy based on consistent, real-time in-house analytics that show what’s working, and what’s not. Our contribution to content is best in class, and we want to ensure the tourism industry across the province has access to the research and best practices we invest in.

Content Marketing Resources

What if your customers looked forward to receiving your information? Better yet, what if they liked it so much they shared it with others? What’s at the heart of this kind of success: content marketing. Travel Alberta has created a series of resources to help you with your content development decision-making. Each guide contains information, examples and tools to help you develop or manage the development of content that inspires travellers with compelling stories.