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Alberta Tourism Information Service Launches Alberta at Home

Important update for partners

Across the province, tourism businesses are finding innovative ways to stay connected with their customers now—from virtual concerts to watch from the comfort of their couch to beverage kits they can buy to create an at-home happy hour—and inspire them to try their products and experiences in person when the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted.

If you have created a virtual experience or found a unique approach to offering your products to your customers, Travel Alberta wants to help you spread the word. We have updated the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) to give you the opportunity to promote virtual Offers and Events that customers can experience from home or purchase online to experience later.

How to Participate

Simply log in to ATIS and identify your content with the new ‘Alberta At Home’ activity tag. This content will be collected and shared on a new page on travelalberta.com and on other Travel Alberta marketing channels.

To use the Alberta At Home ATIS tag, submit content as an Offer (a product or virtual experience that you are charging for) or an Event (a virtual experience that is free and showcases your business):

  • To submit an Offer, you need to have or create a business listing in ATIS and provide a specified price point for what you are selling.
  • To submit an Event, you do not need an ATIS business listing, however, the online or virtual experience must be free of charge. If there is a cost attached, please submit the experience as an Offer.

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Other Criteria

Offers and Events must follow ATIS Business Criteria. We are making two exceptions while the Alberta At Home initiative is in place:

  • An Offer can, in whole or in part, raise funds for a charitable organization. (Existing exclusion criteria: The sole purpose of the event is for fundraising and the event does not have a spectator component that appeals to a general audience). 
  • Offers and Events do not need to have a physical location; in fact, most won’t! (Existing exclusion criteria: The event does not have a physical location).



Alberta At Home virtual experiences and product offerings may include: 

Gift Certificates – Offers

Encourage customers to ‘Buy Now - Travel Later’ with gift certificates or advance purchase options. These can be priced at face value or include discounts or value-added options; for example:

  • Include a discount, such as percentage or dollar amount off the regular price. 
  • Pay the regular price and receive a complimentary credit or other purchase incentive. 
  • Add a special promotional experience that is not typically included in your experience offering.
  • Offer a donation or portion of the proceeds or gift certificate amount to a charitable organization.

Virtual Experiences – Offers or Events

Stay connected with your current customers and help future travellers learn about your company by offering virtual tours or interactive experiences. These can be provided free of charge or for a fee; for example:

  • Behind-the-scenes or guided tours (such as galleries, museums, hikes/walks, etc.)
  • Interactive sessions (e.g. online cooking or other instructional activities) where your business supplies the materials or provides a list of any required materials in advance.
  • Live or recorded performances such as concerts or films. 

Take Home / Food and Beverage – Offers 

If you own a restaurant or you’re a food/beverage crafter and you have a unique approach to promoting and providing your product to your customers (beyond curbside pickup and delivery), use Alberta At Home to share your creativity. Your Offer must have a starting price point and you can include the option to add on or customize as required. Examples include:

  • Food and/or beverage kits available for pick-up or delivery for customers to make at home (consider producing a ‘how-to’ video with instructions for preparing the meal and/or beverages)
  • Create a unique dine-at-home offering not available as part of your regular offerings. This could be a daily (Meatball Monday) or weekly feature with a set price point, and the option to enhance the feature with special add-ons or drink pairings.

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Not Yet An ATIS Subscriber?

No problem! Getting started is easy and free. Then add your Business Listings, Events and Offers into ATIS, tag Alberta At Home and we’ll help share your content with Albertans and other future travellers.


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