Edmonton Tourism offers a unique experience to global travel media

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| Travel Alberta

Edmonton Tourism is one of several Alberta-based partners that led familiarization tours across the province as Alberta hosted #GoMedia2018 this week in Calgary. Global influencers, travel journalists and media outlets came to experience what we have to offer, and then tell these stories to potential travellers all over the world.

We caught up with Renee Williams, Edmonton Tourism's Director of International Market Development, and asked her why these media tours are such an important part of travel promotion.

Travel Alberta (TA): How would you define the Edmonton destination brand?

Renee Williams (RW): Friendly, cultured and authentic. Packed with hidden gem attractions, which reveal themselves all year round. Edmonton is North America’s largest northern metropolis, which has played host to trade, entertainment and enterprise for millennia. From the continent’s biggest and wildest Fringe theatre festival to a shopping mall that covers 48-city blocks, we’ve always done things a little differently.

TA: What is unique about Edmonton you want travellers to know?

RW: Edmonton is an urban gem in the heart of the wilderness, where you can experience some of Canada’s best culinary cuisine, the largest museum in western Canada, and festivals each month of the year.

TA: What is your most effective marketing approach to tell people about the experiences Edmonton offers?

RW: We use the voice of our local experts and community to share their experiences and stories to the rest of the world. This allows for an authentic approach when capturing the attention of our potential visitors.

TA: What advice do you have for new and emerging destinations and experiences?

RW: It’s important to get the community involved and believing in what you do. The industry needs to be at your table and a part of your overall strategy.

TA: How does an event like GoMedia benefit you?

RW: GoMedia provides the opportunity to share Edmonton’s stories to a large international audience, with the end purpose of driving demand to the destination through earned media coverage. As Edmonton’s destination marketing organization, the team’s goal is to drive sustainable year-round visitation through programs and initiatives that positively impact Edmonton’s image and awareness in regional and international markets.

FAM trips and shows like GoMedia are key to creating awareness and growing visitation.

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