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April 15-19

Why does tourism matter?

We know the value of tourism, but does the rest of Alberta? National Tourism Week is the perfect opportunity to show Albertans the positive impact tourism has on their communities! 

Get involved!

Share this video and access more from our toolkit!

61% of Albertans believe that tourism plays an important role in their local community.

Let's increase that number!

How do I get involved?

Contact your DMO

Your local Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) may already have plans in place to promote your region specifically! Connect with them to find out how you can work together.

Use our toolkit!

Don't have the time to start from scratch? That's okay, we've put together a toolkit to help you join the conversation.

Engage on social media

You don't have to pull together a marketing strategy. Simply engaging with the content that you resonate with on social media helps amplify the value of tourism!

What's in this year's toolkit?

Whether you have time to create your own content or need assets that are ready to go, our toolkit should have something for everyone. 

Download here

Get this graphic from our toolkit!

Social media graphics

Our toolkit includes social media graphics that highlight tourism's:

  • Impact on the economy
  • Ability to create meaningful jobs
  • Enhancement of communities (especially with the latest tourism trends)
  • And much more!

Access the toolkit

Content ideas

Looking for ideas? Our toolkit includes a variety of possibilities, such as a social media post or article that highlights how your business benefits from a strong tourism industry.

Take me to the toolkit

And much more!

Access videos and images

Create your own content or use what we already made for you!

Add your voice to our articles

Share your thoughts about the value of tourism.

Customize pre-made captions

Save yourself some time and use our captions as a starting point.

Ready for Tourism Week? Let's do this!

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