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Foothills Tourism Association Demonstrates the Power of Collaboration

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The Foothills Tourism Association (FTA) recently launched its tourism destination strategy and website. This launch was an eight-month process and was achieved through strategic, thoughtful collaboration. The founding members of the FTA make up the board of directors and include representatives from some amazing industry partners in the region: Spirit Hills Winery, Eau Claire Distillery, Granary Road, Spruce Meadows, Saskatoon Farm, Kayben Farms, Trails End Beef, and Chinook Honey.

Their mission is clear:

  1. To develop and grow a strong agricultural and entrepreneurial rural business community injected by a constant source of outside dollars.
  2. To bring provincial, national, and global tourists to Foothills businesses.
  3. To attract provincial and corporate funds to develop the industry.
  4. To work together with municipal and town councils to develop a local government framework that welcomes and stimulates agri-tourism and rural experiential tourism in the region.

The Foothills region includes Bragg Creek, Millarville, Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview, High River, Okotoks, Nanton, and the entirety of the MD of Foothills. The region's landscape is diverse, stretching from the Rocky Mountains in the west to Alberta’s grasslands in the east, and is rife with rolling hills, winding streams, and coniferous trees. With this vast landscape the region has built a playground of experiences to capitalize on its unique, accessible location.

Travel Alberta has been working very closely with FTA through the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program, Experience Development, and ATIS – investing in the development of their new website, coaching them through their marketing strategy, developing new experiences, and building an API connection through the Travel Alberta website.

This is an exciting initiative for our partners and Travel Alberta is proud to continue supporting this region that offers endless potential to contribute to the visitor economy and create more job opportunities for entrepreneurs and hard-working Albertans.