Getting started with ATIS

Your guide to creating a FREE Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) listing

ATIS Content Categories:

Listings provide information about your tourism business or experience.
Events may be single organized events, or a series of events within a short period of time.
Offers provide travellers with pricing information for your tourism experience.
Articles tell stories and highlight interesting aspects of your tourism experience.

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To get started – follow these five steps:

1. Find out if your business qualifies: 

2. Determine the number of listings you can have

  • Depending on the product that you sell, you may be eligible to create multiple listings. 

Examples of businesses that may require multiple listings:

  • A ranch that Offers accommodation and a horseback riding tour that can be booked separately would be eligible for two listings (an Accommodation and a Guided Tours listing)
  • An accommodation that Offers an on-site restaurant (cannot be a chain restaurant) is eligible for two listings (An Accommodations and a Food & Entertainment listing)
  • An attraction with on-site campgrounds and a restaurant would be eligible for three listings (an Attraction, an Accommodation and a Food & Entertainment listing)

3. Gather your content:

4. Create an account: go to and click on ‘sign up now for free’

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Creating an account

Creating an account

Setting up an account with Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) provides ATIS access. Once you have an account you can begin creating your business, event, article or offer listing. Each account can support multiple listings, events, articles and offers.

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