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Getting started with ATIS

Your guide to creating a FREE Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) listing

What is ATIS?

The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is a free digital marketing platform designed by Travel Alberta to help your Alberta tourism business by amplifying your marketing efforts.
Add your Business Listings, Events and Offers into ATIS and your content is shared across multiple marketing channels and websites, including travelalberta.com and a growing network of publishers, websites and apps promoting Alberta as a destination of choice for visitors around the world. 

Getting Started - 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Find out if your business qualifies:

Generally, Alberta-based businesses, or tour companies that sell Alberta-based packages, who are Market Ready and are a considered a Tourism Product can list their business information in ATIS.

For full details information on what business can and cannot list in ATIS, visit our full Business Criteria.

Step 2: Determine what content types to add

ATIS offers three content types for you to accurately represent the experiences offered by your business. The three content types in ATIS are:

  • Listings
  • Events
  • Offers

Using all of the applicable content types in ATIS can help to increase your exposure across all of our sites and improve the chances of getting seen on our digital channels.


Listings represent the activities or services offered by your business. Listings can typically be described as a thing or place, such as an attraction, restaurant or accommodation.

If your business offers multiple core experiences or services, such as an accommodation with onsite restaurant, or an attraction that also operates an RV park, you will want to create multiple Listings for your business in ATIS.  

For each Listing you create you will choose one main category and sub-type. Visit ATIS Listings and Event Types Definitions for a full list and definitions of each. 

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Events may be a single organized event, or a series of events within a specified time period. 

They may be a standalone one-time or annual event such as a rodeo or music festival, or an event offered at a local attraction as a means to increase visitation such as a harvest festival, special exhibit, or holiday-themed event.

Visit ATIS Listing and Event Types Definitions page for a full list and definitions of each.

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Once you have spurred the interest of travellers through Listings and Events, Offers are your invitation to travellers to come and experience your product. An Offer does not need to be discounted and may be packaged with multiple experience, but this is not a requirement. 

Adding your regular admission rate is an acceptable Offer, but offers that are more experiential in nature typically perform best. 

Examples of great offers include:

  • Hands-on experiences such as culinary events
  • Experiences that bring visitors behind-the-scenes or after-hours
  • Offers that connect visitors to local culture or history
  • Combine experiences – work with other’s in your area to provide something wholistic and unique

Visit our Business Examples page for more examples on how to use the different content types in ATIS. 

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Step 3: Gather your content

Write Compelling Copy. Providing compelling images and well-written descriptions for your ATIS content is one of the best ways to stand out and entice more clicks to your content. See Tips on How to Write a Great Description

Gather images. Content with images average 6x more lead referrals than content without . 

See: Tips on How to take a Great Photo

Have the links to your social media and Trip Advisor profiles ready.

Step 4: Create an account

Go to atis.travelalberta.com and click on ‘sign up now for free’.



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