Getting started with ATIS

Your guide to creating an ATIS listing, from creating an account and logging in to developing, uploading and managing your content.

Login to the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS)

Who’s eligible?

Businesses that meet the following criteria are eligible to list in ATIS:

Who’s not eligible?

  • Virtual or online-only businesses
  • Chain restaurants or retail businesses based outside of Alberta with more than nine locations
  • Workshops, lessons, lectures, seasonal camps, garage sales, happy hour, retail sales and fundraisers where the focus is not on tourism
Creating an account

Creating an account

Setting up an account with Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) provides ATIS access. Once you have an account you can begin creating your business, event, article or offer listing. Each account can support multiple listings, events, articles and offers.

Create an ATIS account

ATIS Content

There are four main types of content for ATIS:

  • Listings provide information about your tourism business or experience.
  • Events may be single organized events, or a series of events in a short timeframe (less than four months).
  • Offers provide travellers with pricing information for your tourism experience.
  • Articles tell stories and highlight interesting aspects of your tourism experience.

Each of the content types supports travellers at different stages of their purchasing decision and represents a unique opportunity to support them in their vacation planning process – whether it’s helping to develop excitement and discovery through Listings and Articles, providing time urgency and date-driven opportunities with Events, or supporting purchasing decisions through Offers.

Learn more about different ATIS category definitions and how to categorize your business using listings, events and offers.

The more relevant content that you produce, the greater the potential for increasing the exposure of your business through Travel Alberta’s channels and distribution partners.