Brand Attributes

At a time when economic diversification is more important than ever, Travel Alberta is demonstrating how Alberta is an inspiring place not just to visit but to live, work and play. Ultimately, a strong destination brand and a robust tourism infrastructure supports all Albertans with substantial economic benefits including employment, community development, diversification and an enhanced quality of life for those who are proud to call Alberta home. – Royce Chwin, Travel Alberta CEO
Travel Alberta brand attributes

Travel Alberta brand attributes are the result of consistent and multi-faceted research. Knowing the reasons why people choose Alberta helps you bring the destination brand to life in your own business. Here are some cues to reference when planning your next campaign or content plan to align with the Travel Alberta message and the unique feeling we have to offer.

Under the umbrella

Your brand is who you are – a combination of every single interaction your customers have with you. But you’re also part of the larger Alberta brand. Together, you and all the businesses that make up Team Alberta shape visitors’ perceptions of what Alberta stands for.

The Alberta brand promise to consumers opens them up to the incredible experiences they’ll find when they come here. While you should always express the values and benefits you want your customers to connect with, aligning with Alberta’s umbrella brand connects the promise we make to travellers and shares an Alberta story carried across the globe.

Use unique

What makes Alberta different than other destinations is the unique combination of our authentic experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and the spirit of every day Albertans. When all these things come together, there’s no place in the world like home. In Alberta, they can see more than just an amazing postcard, they can dive right in and experience the real thing with a real Albertan by their side, and make memories they’ll want to come back to, again and again.

Bring the BIG heart

Albertans are original. We’re warm and adventurous. We balance dogged determination with a commitment to community. We take our inspiration and harness it in creative ways. And we’re compelled to go the extra mile to make our visitors love it here as much as we do. Our special combination of big-hearted and maverick qualities is what make Albertans one-of-a-kind, and a big reason why Alberta is on the list of so many potential travellers. Now everyone is as friendly, open-minded and adventurous as you, so show off your big heart and get ready for a big welcome.

Give them goosebumps

When travellers truly connect to a people, place and time, a moment of pure emotion takes place. Not only do they feel alive, they might even get goosebumps. This feeling is what we’re selling – not just an amazing view, a spectacular meal or a heart-racing ride – but a breathtaking, emotional moment that makes their trip unforgettable.

(remember to breathe)

Travel Alberta’s wordmark is the embodiment of our brand and unites all that we say and do. It can be a reminder to take a break and return to the love of travel, or even to pace yourself as you move from one great experience to another. (remember to breathe) is an invitation for the traveller to experience our brand and form a connection to Alberta.

Travel Alberta brand attributes