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Campaign Plan and Content Toolkit (worth the wait)

May 25, 2020

Travel Alberta has launched the Restart phase of its Alberta (re)Bound Strategy in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, with a goal of encouraging Albertans to explore their province as conditions allow.

With many travel restrictions easing, Travel Alberta is moving on from the Stay Home. Stay Healthy. campaign launched in April, which supported public-health information directly. The next phase of the strategy is focused on responsible inspiration designed to encourage hyper-local travel while maintaining alignment with official directives and local community needs. This will evolve over the coming months as conditions evolve.

Check out all the (worth the wait) videos, including a series of 10-second versions intended for us as ads in social media.


The new campaign is (worth the wait), an overarching idea designed to elevate our tourism products and encourage Albertans to explore the province this summer, where and when it is responsible. It is meant to remind Albertans of the breathtaking landscapes and authentic experiences right in their own backyard.

And it is a call to get out and experience Alberta this summer, where and when it’s responsible.

Check out the presentation for a deeper explanation of the campaign.

Message themes

  • (worth the wait) is a way to elevate our product and our industry. The places and experiences in Alberta are very special. They are worth the sacrifices we're making and provide us something inspiring to look forward to when this crisis is behind us.
  • (worth the wait) is a way to inspire future travel. Getting to experience Alberta in-person is worth it.
  • (worth the wait) is a reminder that the health of Albertans is priority. The actions you’re taking today are worth it because they protect our people – and will allow us all to enjoy our province in the future.

This messaging is part of a phased approach that encourages Albertans to travel within the province this summer. Future phases will be announced as we move through the various stages of the Alberta (re)Bound framework.

How you can use (worth the wait)

The messaging of (worth the wait) has been created to be flexible to account for government directives, operational realities and the sentiment of the traveller, and it can be adapted for use by partners across the province.

Aside from sharing and engaging with our Travel Alberta social media channels, we encourage you to use the (worth the wait) messaging in the various stages of reopening. From inspirational sentiment and unknown operational status to opening soon messaging and now open, this campaign is meant to be adapted as the summer progresses.

How you can get involved


As always, please share posts from Travel Alberta’s  social channels. Please like, comment and share these posts with your audiences to help amplify this message to Albertans.



Please continue to use #explorealberta to share content to the travel community in Alberta. Read more about hashtags here

Photography and Graphics

Need help with images and graphics? A package has been put together to help. Scroll down to download the package. Here’s what is available:

Branded Photos

Photos from across Alberta have been curated for your use and have been edited to include the (worth the wait) messaging. Scroll down to download the package.

Photo Overlay

A (worth the wait) photo overlay has been created to make it easier to add the brand to your photos, if you desire. This overlay includes the (worth the wait) wordmark that can be placed over top of your own images using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. Scroll down to download the package. Here are some guidelines on using the wordmark:

  • Placement: Always place the wordmark in the centre of the image. For best results, move the image around in the crop area to maximize visibility of the wordmark.
  • Image Selection: Choose images that will create a greater contrast for maximum visibility of the wordmark, especially in the centre area. Ensure images are seasonally appropriate to reflect current COVID-19 closures.  Be sensitive to portraying mass gatherings.


A selection of photos from across the province is available for use.


Travel conditions in Alberta are likely to evolve constantly over the coming months. With that in mind, (worth the wait) was designed to evolve with those conditions. Here are some ideas about messaging (worth the wait). 

Brand-level inspiration 

Messages: Pure inspiration for future travel. 

Consider adapting your tone and messaging to mirror that of Travel Alberta’s, with positive and hopeful sentiment, encouraging Albertans to dream of their favourite spots that are waiting for us. Or start with these messages and adapt them to fit your audience and voice: 

  • The moments we can’t wait for are the ones worth waiting for. Every second in Alberta is worth every second of waiting.
  • In Alberta, we’re always looking forward. We look forward to walks through our neighbourhoods each evening, and to hikes through our national parks once they open again soon. Alberta is worth the wait.
  • Watching the sun set over the mountains... or catching a glimpse of wildlife through the trees... these are the moments that’ve always been worth the wait. Let’s start exploring the places we’d like to explore.
  • More examples/samples are available here.

Hashtag: #explorealberta

Messaging for times with uncertain re-opening plans 

Messages: Anticipation of future travel. The wait is almost over.  

  • Whether it takes minutes, or months, life’s most memorable moments are always worth the wait. 
  • The moments we hold onto are the moments we hold on for. Hold on a just little longer. Book your visit today.

Messaging when travel or opening is known

Messages: Anticipation of imminent reopening, with ongoing responsibility for safe local visits

  • Whether it takes minutes, or months, life’s most memorable moments are always worth the wait. Place/experience opens date. Start planning your visit today.
  • The moments we hold onto are the moments we hold on for. Hold on a just little longer, because place/experience opens date. Book your visit today. 

Messaging for when travel opens 

Messages: The wait is over. Gratitude for patience and resilience of Albertans.  

  • The wait is over, so let the adventures begin. Book your trip to place/experience today.
  • The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Place/experience is now open. Start planning your departure now.

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